Jonas Brothers Haven't Launched Their Own Record Label

Jonas Group is actually a management company formed by the JoBros' dad, Kevin.

Despite what you may have read, the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist] aren't looking to branch out.

Sure, they've already conquered the tween market, won the coveted "first daughter" demographic and made their first foray into feature-length 3-D films. But — contrary to several sources in the blogosphere — they're not about to launch their own record label.

Late Wednesday, several sites noticed the launch of, a Web site featuring little more than a (slightly altered) version of the Jonas Brothers' "JB" logo. Soon after, someone realized that the same logo appears on the back of Demi Lovato's debut album, Don't Forget. Couple that with several reports that the band had signed prep-rock act Honor Society, and suddenly, bloggy logic dictated that the Jonas Group was the Jonas Brothers' brand-new record label.

But, as is frequently the case with bloggy logic, it wasn't exactly true. On Thursday (February 19), MTV News contacted a spokesperson for the Jonas Brothers, who let it be known that the Jonas Group isn't a label at all ... it's a management company formed by the brothers' father, Kevin, and longtime artist manager/ promoter Philip McIntyre.

The spokesperson also added that the Jonas Group's clients include not just the JoBros themselves, but Lovato (like it says in the liner notes of Don't Forget, "Exclusive Management by: Philip McIntyre and Kevin Jonas for the Jonas Group") and Honor Society too. And while, yes, the Jonas Brothers have signed Honor Society, it's to a production deal, not a record contract.

So, sorry Jonas fans. While there might be a movie and a TV show in the works, there's no JoBros-owned record label on the horizon anytime soon. Pop stars can't have everything, you know.