Jessica Simpson Brushes Off Weight Criticism: 'I Am So Happy'

'I am right where I'm supposed to be,' singer says during 'Early Show' appearance.

[artist id="1245169"]Jessica Simpson[/artist] made her first live television appearance Wednesday morning (February 11) after being scrutinized last month for her reported weight gain, which appeared to lead to the singer breaking down in tears at a concert last week.

Speaking to CBS' "Early Show," the singer, who was in Nashville for the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, never directly responded to the criticism. But when it was brought up that she's been getting a lot of support from fans following the scrutiny, she said, "Honestly, I am right where I'm supposed to be. I am so happy."

On top of the media talking about her weight, Simpson has also had to deal with people speculating that her beau, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, has been unfaithful. But she said she's been receiving a lot of support on the road. "Right now, I'm on tour with Rascal Flatts, having a blast," she said. "We're at Madison Square Garden tomorrow. Everybody's just been so warm and welcoming. Lots of hugs, I like that ... Texas style."

After the show's anchor, Maggie Rodriguez, told her that she thought she looked "absolutely beautiful," Simpson said, "Everything's really great. It's all about keeping the faith. That's why I pray out loud."

Since the January 26 concert, where the much-discussed photos of a curvier Simpson were taken, she has made several appearances at concerts. At a January 30 show, she responded to the criticism saying, "Please remember: No matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. So just appreciate. I feel like in our world today, we focus on so many things that are completely pointless."