50 Cent Explains Why 'Baby Mothers' Are In On Beef With Rick Ross

Ross debuts another video online, but source says it's not about G-Unit's general.

The [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist]/ [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] beef took another turn on Thursday (February 5), with 50 commenting on the situation and Ross apparently not.

To recap, Ross released a video on Wednesday, apparently aimed at 50 Cent, just one day after premiering the clip to "Mafia Music," the track that first ignited his feud with the G-Unit star.

After the "Mafia Music" video plays, Ross cryptically says he's not excited, seemingly referring to 50's taunts. However, Ross warns "but I will be," perhaps alluding to new response from him.

The visuals for Ross' new song "Gang Related" debuted online Thursday morning, with Ross lyrics that include mentions of furs and threats that "fake tough guys, it ain't even in your blood." But a source inside Ross' camp debunked the idea that the song is diss toward 50, telling MTV News on Thursday afternoon that the verse was recorded over a month ago.

In an interview with Florida radio station Power 96 on Thursday morning, 50 Cent defended his onslaught against Ross, which has included the New York artist flying the mother of one of Ross' children to New York to record a video interview that he posted on his Web site, ThisIs50.com.

"He went into a space that you don't go into when you're just rapping," 50 explained on the DJ Laz morning show. "The first thing he said is about my baby mother and he started actually talking about, 'I love to pay her bills, I love to pay her rent, Curtis Jackson, baby mother, I ain't asking for a cent.' He went straight to that issue and I just went to his issue in that same space.

"I'm not picking and choosing and saying, 'Let me pick the worst possible thing to talk about Rick Ross.' I'm saying, 'Well, let me see what the situation is with your baby's mother.' "