Bret Michaels Gives His Super Bowl Odds

Poison-frontman-turned-'Rock of Love' superstud is torn about which team he's rooting for, but not that torn.

Bret Michaels is in a rather unique position — and it's not the kind you might think ...

See, the Poison-frontman-turned-"Rock of Love" superstud grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and considers himself a "die-hard" Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Yet, for the past four years, he's called Scottsdale, Arizona, home, which means that, when it comes to this Sunday's Super Bowl — which pits his beloved Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals — he's torn, but not that torn.

"I go black-and-gold, all the way," Michaels told MTV News on Friday (January 30). "I grew up a member of Lambert's Lunatics [a group of fans who worshipped at the altar of the Steelers' punishing middle linebacker Jack Lambert] in the '70s, and remember all the insanity of the old Three Rivers Stadium. It's truly in my blood. But, I have a place in Scottsdale, and there's no doubt that the Cardinals are my NFC team, too. I've hade some great times out here, and they've got great fans."

Having said that, he paused for a second, then added the following caveat:

"Now make sure you put this in the article: I would root for the Cardinals if they were playing any team but the Steelers. So this Sunday, it's going to be Steelers all the way. I am a true, die-hard Steelers fan. They are my only team."

This is clearly very important to Michaels, who says some of his fondest memories were going to Steelers games in Pittsburgh, watching his dad "getting plastered at tailgate parties" and throwing snowballs at opposing players. He has very, er, fond memories of Pittsburgh — and all of Pennsylvania, for that matter.

"Growing up there I had some good times," he said. "I lost my virginity at the Mechanicsburg fish hatchery, so that should tell you the kind of times I'm talking about."

Still, his connection to his new home is very strong.

"Out here, the weather is beautiful. I mean, it's 70 degrees on Christmas Day, and you can't beat that," Michaels laughed. "Here, the worst thing that can happen to you is that you sweat too much before you can get the air conditioning working in your car. And, you know, I love the women in Pittsburgh. Love them. But desert women ... man, they're smoking hot."

But women and weather aside, Michaels can't be swayed from his Steel Curtain loyalties, which is why he's picking the Steelers to beat the Cardinals — 27-24 — in the Super Bowl. He's confident but still a little bit worried. Seems he thinks his team might waltz into the game expecting to roll over the Cards, which is why, as we wrapped up our conversation, he had just one final piece of advice for his beloved black-and-gold.

"The Cardinals are a good team — don't take them lightly. So, here's my advice: Go balls-to-the wall, play the Cards hard and do not underestimate them," he said. "Both teams know each other's tendencies, so it's going to come down to which team is stronger. So, please, Steelers, go out there with guns a-blazin'. And that concludes my drunken coach's corner."

MTV News will be all over the Super Bowl's music and movie highlights — be sure to check in on Sunday!