Metallica ‘Guitar Hero’ Details Revealed

In addition to 28 Metallica tunes, game features tracks by Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, more.

[artist id=”995″]Metallica[/artist] are so excited about their upcoming “Guitar Hero” video game that they couldn’t wait to tell their fans what songs were in it.

The band’s official Web site recently revealed the full set list of songs that will appear in “Guitar Hero: Metallica,” due March 29, which includes 28 tracks spanning Metallica’s entire career, as well as tunes from 21 other artists, such as [artist id=”986″]Foo Fighters[/artist], [artist id=”1015″]Slayer[/artist], [artist id=”14648″]Queen[/artist], [artist id=”966″]Alice in Chains[/artist], [artist id=”1285″]Lynyrd Skynyrd[/artist] Multiplayer blog.

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