Kelly Clarkson's 'My Life Would Suck Without You' Hits Radio Early

The new single, which debuted on New York's Z100, is a clear throwback to 'Since U Been Gone.'

The [artist id="1231768"]Kelly Clarkson[/artist] 2.0 era has officially begun. With the debut of the original "American Idol" winner's new single, "My Life Would Suck Without You" on New York's Z100 on Tuesday morning (January 13), the pop star has begun her climb back from the crash-and-burn that was her My December album.

With a provocative cover on which a flame-red lipstick-wearing Clarkson is seen sucking on a heart-shaped lollipop, the song is a clear throwback to the singer's breakthrough 2004 hit, "Since U Been Gone." In fact, it was written and produced by the same team of Dr. Luke and Max Martin who conjured that song, as well as [artist id="1962774"]Katy Perry[/artist]'s "I Kissed a Girl."

Echoing the theme of many of Clarkson's biggest hits, this one is about a troubled relationship. "Being with you is so dysfunctional/ I really shouldn't miss you, but I can't let go," she laments. And just like "Since U Been Gone," the song opens with guitar chords and has a similar pumping tempo, and the chorus bursts open from the comparatively spare verses with a big electronically enhanced sound and long, sustained notes.

While the single was not expected to hit radio until January 19, the debut on Tuesday just happens to coincide with the premiere episode of the latest season of "American Idol." And new "Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi just happens to have written a few hits for Clarkson, such as "Walk Away," from the singer's smash 2004 album, Breakaway, as well as December's "One Minute."

Though her debut and Breakaway established Clarkson as one of the premier pop singers of today, when she decided to take the reins on her 2007 December album and write many of the darker, more rock-edged songs herself. The album failed to live up to the sales of the previous outings, and Clarkson subsequently canceled her tour and fired her manager.

Clarkson's fourth album, All I Ever Wanted, is due out on March 17.

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