Lily Allen Dances In 'Fear' Video, Despite Being 'Rubbish At That Kind Of Thing'

Song is first single from It's Not Me, It's You, due in February.

The first single from [artist id="2389411"]Lily Allen[/artist]'s upcoming It's Not Me, It's You album is called "The Fear." It's a relatively scathing indictment of today's glossy, celeb-ified culture (sample lyric: "I want lots of clothes and f---loads of diamonds/ I heard people die while they're trying to find them"), but when it came time to shoot the video for the song, she had just one thing on her mind.

"I wanted to do a dance routine, even though I'm not really doing a dance routine," she laughed. "Other people are doing it, but I'm part of it. I think people are quite used to girls in this industry really being able to move in front of the camera, but I'm just rubbish at that kind of thing."

So instead of Lily, it's a corps of dancers — dressed as wedding presents, bundles of balloons and, uh, waiters — who do the majority of the moving in the "Fear" clip, which the British singer recently shot at an English country estate. And though the clip is bubbly, colorful and whimsical, Allen also hopes that it manages to convey a little bit of the song's sarcasm. After all, it's basically her prancing and dancing through the world she's lampooning.

"I find it quite nerve-racking performing, actually. Because when you write songs, you don't really think about performing in a video," she said. "I think it's quite fun. Lots of color and dancing, and it's about doing something that's in keeping with the song, actually."

And though It's Not Me, It's You — the follow-up to Allen's breakout Alright, Still album — won't hit stores in the States until February, Allen is already gearing herself up for the daunting press gauntlet she'll be forced to run while promoting the disc (which is tough when you've got incidents like this, this, this and more in your past). But with one video in the can, she said she's more than up to the challenge. Sort of.

"It's been a bit daunting, actually, 'cause I haven't done a video for ... must be two years now," she said. "So I was a bit scared that it wasn't going to be very good, but it's been fun. I was expecting myself to be in a much worse mood by this time, but I'm feeling happy. But ask me again in seven hours how I'm feeling."