'NSYNC's Joey Fatone Hosts Opening Of Public Restroom In NYC

They asked me, 'Wanna be king of the throne?' I said, Why not?',' Fatone says of Charmins Restroom opening.

NEW YORK — Back when he was a member of [artist id="500956"]'NYSNC[/artist], Joey Fatone used to shut down Times Square when he'd appear on "TRL."

Now, he's opening a public bathroom in Times Square. But at least he's got a sense of humor — potty humor — about the whole thing.

"Well, everybody has to go sometime, and why not in the middle of Times Square?" he joked to MTV News at the third annual launch of the Charmin Restrooms on Monday (November 24). "That's the thing they asked me: 'Wanna be king of the throne?' I said,

Why not?' "

Fatone also got the opportunity to design a stall of his own, opting for a concert-like setting, complete with disco lights and music. "My one is kind of like a rock-and-roll, being-onstage kind of thing," he explained. "You got the lights, a fog machine. It's pretty funny. The feel of it is being in a concert, and basically you're onstage and either you can do one song or two — there's the potty humor!" he laughed. "I know. It's coming. It happens."

Fatone also joked around about the possibility of his former bandmate Lance Bass winning "Dancing With the Stars." Back in 2007, Fatone took second place. If Bass wins, the only thing Fatone will say is, " 'You beat me, you bonehead!' "

"I wish him all the luck," he added. "It's going to be a close call. Plus, I have my old dance partner Kym, who's also in the finals, so that's a tough decision. I like both of them, but obviously Lance is the celebrity. He's really come out of his shell with a lot of things as far as stepping up to a lot of the dances. At first I know he was really nervous about it, because people kept saying he was the worst dancer. It wasn't he was the worst dancer ... [but] now he's getting it."

Bass recently said he'd love to get the band back together, and Fatone thinks it can happen once the guys take a minute or two to discuss their options for a reunion. "There's always a time and a place," he said. "There was a time and a place for New Kids on the Block and it was, like, 15 years later. Who knows? Everybody is doing different things. ... So it's interesting. It's like when do we say the five of us need to get together: Are we going to do it [or] are we not going to do it?"

"I've talked to everybody," he added. "I think I'm the only one who talks to everybody. I talked to Justin. I was with him in Italy for a wedding. I talked to JC like every other day and I talk to Lance every other day. I see Chris 'cause we live in Orlando."

Despite his success with 'NSYNC, Fatone said the only time he's been a celebrity to his [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist]-loving daughter was when he made an appearance on "Hannah Montana."

"It was interesting when I did an episode on 'Hannah Montana,' it was pretty funny," he said. "At first it was like ' 'NYSNC, what?' [My daughter] and her friends didn't care. But now that I did 'Hannah Montana' it's a different story. I'm awesome."