'Twilight' Co-Stars Edi Gathegi, Taylor Lautner And Rachelle Lefevre Talk 'Vampire Camp,' Potential Sequels

'If we get a chance to do two and three, we'll be back for two and three,' Lefevre says.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — When you see "Twilight" on Friday night, be sure to try and occasionally look beyond beautiful people Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart), and take note of the series' supporting stars, particularly Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) and Edi Gathegi (Laurent). As die-hard Twilighters know, the seeds they plant in the first film will pay off mightily in future installments, and these three rising stars are eager to sink their teeth into the increased screen time like a vampire with a fresh neck.

In real life, the "Twilight" trio are the best of friends — and, like your buddies, they love teasing each other, giggling over in-jokes and reminiscing about the good old days. Recently, we took some fan questions straight to them, and the results proved to be more fun than a baseball game during a thunderstorm.

MTV: Taylor, you were a big hit the other night at the "Spoilers" taping. We ran a story about how you jumped into the audience and kissed a fan, and now everyone is claiming that they were the girl.

Taylor Lautner: Awesome!

Edi Gathegi: [Laughing] I was the girl that you kissed.

MTV: And Edi, you were great on "Life on Mars" the other day.

Gathegi: Thank you! I do appreciate that.

Rachelle Lefevre: I loved him on that show.

MTV: So, guys, "Twilight" is finally coming out and we're super excited. We have some fun questions for you straight from the fans: If you woke up tomorrow, and found yourself as students at Forks High, who would you want to date?

Lefevre: Edward! Fully, Edward!

Gathegi: Like, if Edi wakes up at Forks High? Uh, Alice. Yeah, she's so cute and perky and she's just got this great personality; she's so fun. I mean, if you've read the books, she just gets funner and funner as the series goes on.

Lautner: OK, this is gonna sound cheesy, but I really would choose Bella. I dig Bella, just her normalness.

Gathegi: [Laughing] You're so in character right now, bro.

Lautner: They think I'm doing it just to be in character, but I'm not. I like Bella.

Gathegi: [Pretending to be Lautner]: "I hate Edward! I want to be Edward so I can ruin Edward!"

Lautner: Exactly!

MTV: Taylor, there's a scene near the end of the movie where Jacob gives Edward an icy stare. When you saw Robert between takes, did you ever really stare him down, to stay in character?

Lautner: No. Robert? No. I'll talk trash about Edward in here, but not Robert. I love Robert, he's hilarious.

MTV: But staring down Edward is like picking a fight with the pope. The Twilighters love him — you're setting yourself up for a lot of hate.

Lautner: Oh yeah, but I'm ready for it. I'm going after that punk.

Gathegi: He's got quite a fanbase himself; I'm sure he'll be fine.

MTV: Next question: It's senior year at Forks High, you guys are still students there, and now it's time to vote for the yearbook.

Gathegi: I love this game!

MTV: So, out of the "Twilight" cast, who is the "Best Student"?

Lefevre: The brainiest student?

Gathegi: That's a very difficult question. I don't know how you quantify this, but I — and not because I'm the real good friend of — but I would have to vote for Rachelle.

Lefevre: Really? Oh my God, that's so sweet.

Gathegi: Yeah, you're just so impressive. Yeah, I'm impressed by this one here.

MTV: Does she walk around the set talking about quantum physics?

Gathegi: Yeah, all the time. All the time.

Lefevre: I do not. [Laughs.] I would have to say Kristen [Stewart] — she's so thoughtful, and really takes the time to think about what she's going to say and contemplates things. She gets really introspective, and I like the effort she put into bringing the whole thing to life and getting it right.

Lautner: It's hard. I would go with [Lefevre], because you're so articulate. But, I see Kristen too.

Lefevre: I'll kill her! It was gonna be me!

Lautner: Geez!

Gathegi: She lost, and she doesn't like to lose.

Lautner: You got half of it. But she's a different kind [of smart] — it's like more street-smarts.

Gathegi: Well, [Stewart] is 18, so that's super-impressive to have that sort of wisdom at that age. It's kind of like not common.

MTV: Next question: Who gets your vote for "Best Dressed"?

Lautner: Aw, there were so many different styles.

Lefevre: I'm gonna have to go with Edi, because you see the fedora today, and he was rockin' this pimp suit the other day — you had a vest, with a tie and everything. Everything fit perfectly; you take your clothing seriously. I respect that.

Gathegi: Thank you. I give you some, you give me right back! That's what friends are for.

MTV: Here's the toughest question: Who wins "Most Likely to Succeed"?

Gathegi: Um, Rob Pattinson.

Lefevre: Yeah.

Gathegi: That kid has so many talents. I mean, his voice is amazing. He's a phenomenal actor, he's got model-good looks. I mean, this kid has the world at his fingertips. The world is his oyster.

Lautner: [Sighs] Geez.

Lefevre: You don't like that answer?

Lautner: No, no, no.

Gathegi: But I said Rob Pattinson, not Edward Cullen.

Lautner: Edward is gonna fail. Larry, I don't know if I can answer this one. I don't know this one, Mr. Larry.

MTV: You can vote for yourself, if you'd like.

Lautner: I'm not gonna vote for myself! There's so many — I could go down the line for reasons — but yeah, of course Rob and Kristen. Larry, why are you doing this to me?

Lefevre: I'm gonna go with Carlisle, even though he's not a student at Forks, because we are doing the "Twilight" cast. For "Most Likely to Succeed," I'm gonna go with "The Fach," Peter Facinelli.

Gathegi: [Laughing] Do you have any questions from "Fueled by Edward"?

MTV: I know how much you love the MTV Twilighters' screen names, Edi. I was actually gonna ask a question from "IWantEdiGathegisBaby123@yahoo.com." But if each of you guys could pick a theme song for your character, what's the song?

Gathegi: [Starts singing Isaac Hayes' "Theme From Shaft"] Who is the man? Shaft!

MTV: Shut yo' mouth! I'm just talkin' about Laurent.

Gathegi: He's a bad motha'... Shut yo' mouth!

Lefevre: Oh my God, I'm gonna have to say [Ram Jam's] "Black Betty." Yeah, there's just something about that — it's got a good rock beat. I like it, and it goes with [Victoria's] slow-mo walking.

Lautner: This has nothing to do with my character [laughs], but I just think it'd be cool when I walked onscreen [if they played] the "Cops" theme song, "Bad Boys."

Lefevre: Really?

Lautner: Yeah, I just think it'd be cool if I walked onscreen and you heard [singing] "Whatcha gonna do when they come for you ..."

Gathegi: That has nothing to do with your character.

Lautner: I know, it's totally opposite. OK, how about "Who Let the Dogs Out"?

Lautner and Gathegi: [Both laughing] Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof [they start to bark].

Lefevre: Oh God.

Gathegi: Yeah, we just did that.

MTV: All right, settle down. Next question: If you became immortal vampires and had to reinvent your lives every few years to keep people from becoming suspicious, what kinds of things would you want to do?

Gathegi: I'd go down the list. I'd be a physicist, I'd be a doctor — all of the highly intellectual things that gave me something to do with my time, because I'm not sleeping and I'm not dying any time soon. I would just try to accumulate so much knowledge and try to find entertainment when I can.

Lefevre: I don't know if I can actually think of a job title for it necessarily, but I would just travel as much as possible.

Gathegi: Be a nomad?

Lefevre: I'd be a nomad, maybe like a travel writer or something. I know it sounds kind of lame when you say it, but I like the idea of going to different places and immersing yourself in different cultures, trying on different hats.

Lautner: I'd have to go with some sort of sports athlete — football? I've played football my whole life, and I recently just had to give it up. So, if I wasn't doing acting I'd love to go back to football — but acting is definitely a priority.

MTV: Obviously, we're all hoping for "Twilight" sequels, but Catherine is still cautious about saying they'll happen. Regardless, are you guys keeping your calendars open for the next few years?

Lefevre: We're hoping.

Gathegi: Wow, I didn't even think about that. I hadn't thought about the calendar aspect.

Lefevre: I haven't even booked a dinner.

Gathegi: Wow, if it does come up, then I've got to clear my schedule no matter what's on the books, because it was just so much fun to work on this film. It was like a vampire camp up there.

Lefevre: We actually nicknamed [the film set] "Vampire Camp."

Gathegi: We got along so well — it was a lot of fun.

Lefevre: Yeah, absolutely. If we get a chance to do two and three, we'll be back for two and three. We're so ready to do it.

MTV: You guys should trademark the phrase "Vampire Camp," and invite Twilighters to come. You could be their counselors, show them around, make a few bucks.

Lefevre: We could!

Gathegi: That's not a bad idea, Larry Carroll.

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