Britney Spears Beats The Paparazzi At Their Own Game With 'PapaRAZZIE' Awards

New post on singer's Web site features photographer making a fool of himself.

As you may know, Britney Spears has had a long and complex relationship with the paparazzi. In fact, it's unusual not to see her tailed by a mob of cameras as she undertakes scintillating activities like going to Starbucks for her morning latte. The relationship has been both symbiotic — she's been known to befriend them and invite them along on her outings — and antagonistic (for pretty much the same reasons).

Well, it's payback time — good-natured payback, anyway.

A video posted on on Monday finds Britney turning the tables on the paps and beating them at their own game.

In what is apparently a weekly series, we see a gaggle of photographers following Britney through what looks like a hotel lobby — and one of them not only topples over backward, tripping over a planter box to hilarious effect, it's then replayed in slow-motion.

The camera turns to Britney, who's laughing, and a friend, who says to the camera, "Did you get that?"

The text above the video reads: " would like to award this week's PapaRAZZIE for Special Achievements in Walking Backwards."

The name, of course, is a really pretty clever play on the Golden Raspberry — or "Razzie" — Award Foundation, that "honors" the worst movies-related moments. Past Razzie winners include Eddie Murphy for "Worst Actor" in "Norbit" and Lindsay Lohan (with herself) for "Worst Onscreen Couple" in "I Know Who Killed Me."

Payback's a bi---, eh paps?