Ashley Tisdale Hones Alien-Fighting Skills In 'They Came From Upstairs'

'High School Musical' actress describes upcoming film as ' 'Gremlins' meets 'The Goonies.' '

In Ashley Tisdale's upcoming flick "They Came From Upstairs," the "High School Musical" star takes a break from singing and dancing to fend off space invaders. "I'm really excited about it. I haven't even seen the trailer yet," she told MTV News. "But [the film] comes out in January. It's an action comedy, and I had my first action scene in it, so it's pretty exciting."

In the flick, Tisdale plays a character whose boyfriend (played by Robert Hoffman) goes all "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." "I played the older sister in love with her boyfriend, and she doesn't really know what's going on," the actress explained. "We're being invaded by aliens at the same time."

And whether she was supposed to or not, Tisdale revealed some info about how the aliens will look and behave. "I think it's kind of a secret. I don't know if they really want it out," she teased. "But they're cute at first. ... They're all definitely different. There's one kind of like E.T., and then there's a couple that are definitely scarier. It's edgy. It's like 'Gremlins' meets 'The Goonies.' "

Tisdale isn't the only one excited about her involvement with the movie. Earlier this month, producer Barry Josephson gushed about how great the actress was to work with. "[Ashley] is that really interesting cross of a teen actress who has really honed her craft but also a great comedic actress, and that's why we hired her," he told MTV News.

"She got the concept [of the movie] right away, and that's what you want. That's what it was like working with Will Smith on 'Men in Black,' or Amy Adams and James Marsden on 'Enchanted.' And for Ashley, same thing," said Josephson, who also produced those movies. "She looked at the aliens, she realized what her role would be, and she just jumped right in."

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