Danity Kane Fans React To Aubrey O'Day, D. Woods' Dismissals

One says downsized group 'needs personality,' while another pledges support 'as long as the music is good.'

This week's biggest story was the dismissal of D. Woods and Aubrey O'Day, nicknamed Ebony and Ivory, from Diddy's multiplatinum-selling girl group Danity Kane.

On Tuesday's live finale of "Making the Band 4," tension was high as Diddy expressed his concern about having O'Day, perhaps the most recognizable member of the group thanks to her provocative interviews and photo ops, and Woods, O'Day's constant companion and sidekick, continue their run in the group. Their dismissal leaves just three girls in the group: Dawn Richard, Aundrea Fimbres and Shannon Bex.

Reactions to the singers getting the boot have been strong, with fans leaving long comments on the MTV News site about how upset they are about Diddy's decision and the way the remaining members are using the breakup to score publicity. "It's not going to be the same with just three members," jlapj wrote. "Dawn is not making it better with doing interviews and hating on the members that got kicked out."

Like jlapj, SwagsoVicious feels that Richard shouldn't be talking about the group to the press, writing, "DAWN IS A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! DAWN CANT BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Meanwhile, there are those who are just upset that things turned out the way they did. One fan, pjtopnotch07, wrote, "I think that it sucks they broke up. ... Danity Kane were one of the few girl groups who had five fully talented members. It's a shame that it happened. I watched them from the beginning and, honestly, Aubrey was always my favorite. And she still is!"

Adwoa1233 felt that DK will lack the je ne sais quoi that Woods and O'Day brought to the group: "Wow! I still can't believe that Diddy broke the group up. Danity Kane will never be the same. I don't have a problem with any of the girls left, but I just think they're boring. The group needs personality and D. Woods and Aubrey brought the personality in the group."

Big-time O'Day fan Meliir0ckz wrote, "I cried so much for Aub 'cuz she's my favorite in the whole group! I hate Diddy!"

But there are some fans who, despite the loss, are willing to give the new Danity Kane a listen. "I'm sure the remainder of the group members will be fine, and we as fans will still support them as long as the music is good," Smiley02 wrote.

With another season of "Making the Band" in the works for early next year, only time will tell whether Diddy's decision is final or if he's willing to give O'Day and Woods another shot.