Ludacris To Join Beyonce On 'TRL' Finale

'I'll be here to celebrate!' MC says about final show.

Ludacris stopped by "TRL" on Wednesday (October 15) to announce that he'll be performing on the show's finale, "Total Finale Live," on November 16 at 8 p.m. He will be joining Beyoncé, who on Tuesday made the announcement that she'll also be performing on the show's farewell episode.

"It's messed up, 'cause I heard that 'TRL' is gonna be over," Luda said. "That's bad news, but I'm coming for the finale. I'll shut it down. I'll be here to celebrate!"

Ludacris made his first appearance on "TRL" back in 2001, clad in an outfit that then-host Carson Daly described as "drunken hobo" — but seven years later, Luda still stands by his outfit. "It was the Southern style to wear the thermal underwear underneath your clothes," he said.

The MC also talked about how much the show has changed in its 10-year history. "I guess you can say the first time I was here, it was just music, and now it's music and movies," he said. "I love all my fans for their support since day one."

Luda also talked about his new film,"Max Payne," starring Mark Wahlberg, which opens Friday. "I took this movie so that I can point a gun at [Mark]," Luda joked about his role in the film. "We have a lot in common, with him coming from the music world. I just have to spend some more time on my golf!" he added about his friendship with Wahlberg.

Wahlberg, who was also on "TRL" Wednesday, had some fond memories of the show as well — check them out on the Newsroom blog.

Ludacris was also on hand to premiere his video for his new single "Undisputed," from his new album

"Theater of the Mind," out November 25. "Every song is like a movie," he said of the album. "I took the things I learned and made an audio. It's a theater for your mind."

Luda will also be performing for the October 24 special, " 'A Night For Vets: An MTV Concert for the BRAVE."