Tom DeLonge Comments On Travis Barker Plane Crash

Former Blink-182 guitarist says news of drummer's brush with death 'blew [his] mind.'

It's been more than two weeks since Travis Barker and DJ AM were seriously injured in a jet crash that claimed the lives of four people. And in that time, Blink's fans have awaited word from either of Barker's erstwhile bandmates in Blink-182 — bassist Mark Hoppus, who also plays with Barker in +44, and guitarist Tom DeLonge — about the situation. Fans have turned to MySpace and other Internet destinations to ask both musicians to offer their reactions to the accident.

DeLonge finally broke his silence about Barker's accident recently during a ModCam transmission on

Modlife, a paid-subscription online community that allows bands, musicians and celebrities to communicate directly with fans, which DeLonge founded. When asked about the crash, DeLonge — who was Barker's bandmate from 1998 to 2005, when the band announced its breakup — said he was shocked by the news.

"Just like you guys, I was freaked out about the entire thing," he said. "It blew my mind what happened." He added that, no matter what happened between himself and Barker in the past, "none of it matters when it comes down to somebody getting hurt."

DeLonge expressed surprise that fans would care to know what he thought of the accident.

"Everyone wanted to know what I think, but it's not about me," he said. "It's not about Tom at all, and it's not about Blink at all. It's about Travis and his family, so stop worrying about what I think, and what I feel, and what I'm going to say, because it doesn't matter."

To date, Hoppus has yet to issue comment on the crash; his Web site and MySpace page have not been updated since the day before news of the accident broke. Barker's assistant, Chris Baker, and security guard Charles Still were killed in the crash along with the plane's pilot and co-pilot.

Barker, who is expected to make a full recovery from the second- and third-degree burns he suffered in the crash, was released on September 29 from an Augusta, Georgia, hospital, where he had been receiving treatment following the crash. Doctors say DJ AM will also make a full recovery, and was released on September 26.

If you'd like more information on the memorial funds set up to benefit Chris Baker's and Charles Still's families, visit the

Famous Stars and Straps Web site.