Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Cosmetic-Surgery Bill, Written In Response To Donda West's Death

California legislation would have required patients to have physical exam before surgery.

With California's budget just recently passed after a historic three-month delay, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took out the veto pen Sunday. Among the measures he cut was the so-called "Donda West bill", which was aimed at helping to prevent plastic-surgery-related deaths.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the bill, prompted by the November death of Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West, failed to make it past the governor because of the backlog in California. Donda, 58, died a day after undergoing a breast reduction and liposuction surgery.

With this summer's historic 80-day delay in passing the state budget, Schwarzenegger said he had time to enact only the top-priority legislation. "This bill does not meet that standard, and I cannot sign it at this time," read the veto message, one of dozens Schwarzenegger issued Sunday.

An autopsy found that Dr. West had previous health problems, including high blood pressure and cardiac artery blockage. The cosmetic-surgery bill, AB 2968, received almost unanimous support in the legislature, according to the Times, and would have required people to undergo a physical examination, give a complete medical history and get a doctor's clearance before undergoing plastic surgery.

Along with Kanye's cousin, Yolanda Anderson, Democratic California Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter proposed the bill following Donda's death. The surgeon who performed her surgeries, Dr. Jan Adams, said at the time that nothing had gone wrong during the procedures. Earlier this year, the California state medical board reportedly revoked Adams' medical license due to his two alcohol-related arrests in recent years and his failure to pay child support.