Paris Hilton Says, 'Don't Pick On' The Jonas Brothers After VMA Chastity Flap

'That's something cool for a kid to keep,' Hilton says of the brothers' promise rings.

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Paris Hilton is coming to the Jonas Brothers' defense after comic Russell Brand ridiculed their abstinence pledges when he hosted the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

"I don't pick on them," Hilton told after Brand's remarks. "That's something cool for a kid to keep, so don't pick on them for that."

The Jonas Brothers — Nick, Joe and Kevin — wear purity rings as a commitment to remain virgins until marriage.

"I think that they're all really good kids and that they're definitely our next generation of kids and they're all really good, so I think that's awesome," Hilton added.

Fellow singer Jordin Sparks, who wears a purity ring, also slammed Brand for the repeated jokes when she presented an award.

"I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring, because not everybody — guy or girl — wants to be a slut," she told the audience, which cheered in response.

Despite the drama, Hilton remains a fan of the British comedian.

"I think he was really good," she told Us. "He was funny. I've met him before in London. He's very nice, and I think he did and incredible job tonight. It's cool to have a British accent at the awards."

At the VMAs, Hilton presented a Moonman award to onetime BFF Britney Spears.

"She looked beautiful," Hilton said. "I'm so happy for her. She definitely deserves it."

What did Hilton tell Spears?

" 'I love you, I miss you, so good to see you,' " she said.

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