Jonas Brothers: 'We Really Hope We Get To Meet' Britney Spears At The VMAs

'You want to pull for Britney and hope for the best,' Kevin Jonas tells

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The aren't just looking forward to their performance of "Lovebug" on the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards — they also hope to be introduced to , who's opening the show.

"We really hope we get to meet her," Kevin Jonas told following their rehearsal at Paramount Studios for the VMAs, which will air live from Hollywood tonight at 9 p.m.

"That would be an honor," Kevin added. Kevin's brothers agreed. "I wanna meet her," Nick told Us. "She was the first CD I ever bought, so it would be cool," Joe revealed.

Though the Jonas Brothers are up against Britney Spears and for Video of the Year, they hope there are enough Moonmen to go around.

Brown "is our new friend," Joe told Us. "We were hanging out with him today before talking about maybe working together on a song."

Kevin added: "You want to pull for Britney and hope for the best."

The Jonas Brothers are excited about their first VMA performance.

"Everyone dreams of being on the Video Music Awards, so to be here is incredible," Kevin told Us. "It is always a new experience. Something brand new." But Joe admitted he's afraid he'll trip as he walks up stairs during the performance of "Lovebug," their new single.

"When I have to walk up stairs, I am like, 'Oh No,' " he told Us. "I was like, 'Can I just have a jet pack or something?'"

Nick also revealed to Us their inspiration for the song.

"We wrote it from our hotel room [over] Christmas break of the Hannah Montana tour," he said. "We sat down and wrote it that night in about 15-20 minutes.

" 'Juno' was one of our favorite movies at the time," Nick explained. "It was weird intimacy."

The song is about "when you fall in love with somebody and they break your heart, or you break their heart, however it ends," Nick said. "You think that's it forever and it is never going to happen again. That is until the 'Lovebug' hits you."

Kevin added, "For us, it is throwing any past inhibitions to the wind."

The Jonas Brothers are heading to London after the VMAs for the premiere of "Camp Rock."

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