Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Would Play Michelle Obama In A Biopic 'Any Day'

With husband Will Smith willing to play Barack, all the possible film needs is a triumphant November.

Thanks to countless blockbusters and a string of #1 hits, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith might very well be the first family of show business. But could the pair — married since 1997 — one day play the real first family?

This past June, Will told MTV News that he'd love to portray Barack Obama on the big screen, after the presidential nominee himself suggested the actor as the most viable candidate. Now Jada is joining her husband's campaign.

"Pencil me in," the "Matrix" star asserted, staking her claim to the role of Barack's wife, Michelle Obama. "I love Michelle [and] would play her any day."

No actual movie about the Obamas exists outside the realm of pure speculation, of course, although it's not hard to imagine that one could eventually be made — especially if powerful players like the Smiths are behind the project.

Still, all this presumes that the Illinois senator will win the presidency come November, which Smith alluded to when he said he was still waiting for Obama to "write the end of the story."

For her part, Jada said she was working hard to make sure that the ending is a triumphant one. But not because of her love for Barack.

"I'm voting for Michelle," she laughed. "I'm always telling people I'm voting for Michelle to get into the White House and Obama is just going to follow her lead. She is smart and committed, and I just love her."

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