'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer To Direct Vampire-Free Jack's Mannequin Video

'I'm quickly becoming super-aware of how big of a deal it is,' JM's Andrew McMahon says of 'Twilight' series.

To the casual observer, a team-up between Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling "Twilight" book series, and Andrew McMahon, the singer/songwriter known as Jack's Mannequin, doesn't seem to make much sense. But luckily, fans of both tend to be anything but casual.

So, in some way, the following news shouldn't come as a shock to those who worship at the altar of Edward Cullen or the Mannequin: Meyer has been tapped to direct the video for "The Resolution," the first single from JM's upcoming album The Glass Passenger (due September 30). Production is set to get under way next week in Los Angeles and is based on a treatment Meyer wrote. And while details on the project are difficult to come by, McMahon himself told MTV News that fans can be on the lookout for "a good amount of water," some fictional aquatic creatures but — sadly — a grand total of zero vampires.

"Yeah, there are no vampires in the treatment. There may be a mermaid, but I'm not sure. I don't want to give away too much, because we're letting [Meyer] run with her vision. ... I mean, I will say there's a good amount of water in the video and ... what else can I say?" he said Thursday (August 28). "It's cool. It's not some sort of exposé on my life. ... It's nice to know we're going to make a video for the sake of making a video. [We're] making something that's kind of fantastic and different and exciting but isn't about the song specifically, and it isn't about me specifically."

Of course, as any "Twilight" fan will tell you, Meyer is an avid music fan — she posts playlists on her Web site that are meant to be sorta-scores to each of her books — and she's long been a proponent of McMahon's work. So the collaboration seems like even more of a no-brainer — to everyone except for McMahon, that is. Seems he's still relatively new to the whole "Twilight" phenomenon.

"I'm quickly becoming super-aware of how big of a deal it is. I'm partway into 'Twilight' now. ... I found out about Stephenie through a close friend, who told me, 'I don't know if you know this, but you're referenced in a couple of places on Stephenie's Web site as being a musical inspiration for what she does,' and I was obviously incredibly flattered, especially considering the finger she has on a lot of pop culture," he said. "So we were getting to this place where we were getting video treatments, and we had seen a lot of good things, but nothing that was really jumping out at us. And I was talking to someone at the label, and I said, 'You know, let's try to do something different. Let's approach this video in a completely different way, like, rather than going out to a bunch of video directors and trying to do business as usual, let's try and come up with something clever.' And immediately, Stephenie Meyer came to my head.

"So I said, 'Can I reach out to her and see if she'd be interested in writing for the video and coming out and directing it?' And we got her music, and she was fantastic, and we've been working with her ever since," he continued. "And it works so well, because [with my music], I always try to create something super-visual and create a backdrop where people can take a bunch of experiences but relate them. And she's done that in a huge way with her books."

But now that he's indoctrinated in the ways of "Twilight," is McMahon bummed out that the video for "Resolution" isn't going to feature a single bloodsucker? Not at all. In fact, he's just happy that Meyer is onboard for the project. After all, she is rather busy these days.

"She seems genuinely enthusiastic about it. She's in the middle of editing her film right now, so I guess the implication is that she's excited because she's taking time away from her baby to make it," McMahon laughed. "But, like I said, I'm most excited because, when I was making this album, I wanted to find someone who was really talented and get them to write a treatment and just leave it alone and let it fly. And that's exactly what we're doing here."

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