Game Vs. Bow Wow: No Rap Beef Here, Just A 'Madden 09' Face-Off

'You was 3 years old when 'Madden' came out,' Game says of Bow's $100,000 video game challenge.

If Bow Wow ever has a rap beef, he can always call on his "big brother" the Game for some assistance. But the next time the two MCs meet in person, it might not be all love — at least for four quarters. The two are apparently going to face off in a game of "Madden NFL 09."

On Tuesday, Bow released a video on his YouTube channel challenging his friend to a $100,000 video game showdown.

"I seen you do your thing in 'Madden,' " Bow said. "I want to let you know I will bust your ass in that 'Madden.' We can get it poppin'.

"The winner can take the money, and we can donate it to charity," he added. "Donate it to a good cause."

A Game video blog started circulating Wednesday morning (August 20), in which the Compton concrete-smasher accepted the challenge. He crassly said he would up the stakes to 100 G's and sexual favors from Bow's ex-girlfriend Ciara.

" 'Madden' — I do this sh-- every day," Game said from his tour bus. "This is the 'Madden' bus, n---a. You can't f--- with me. I been playing this sh-- since you was in diapers. Since '89, 'Bill Walsh College Football.' You was 3 years old when 'Madden' came out." (Actually, Bow was 2 in 1989, and the first version of the game, "John Madden Football," dropped in 1988.)

No date was given for the face-off, but Bow Wow has offered to fly to where Game is or send a jet to pick him up. (Our gaming expert, Stephen Totilo, wonders in the Multiplayer blog: Why don't the rappers just compete over Xbox Live or PSN?) A spokesperson for EA Sports, which makes the popular sports game, says the company has no involvement in the showdown.