50 Cent And G-Unit Share Stage With LL Cool J -- And Women's Underwear -- At NYC Show

50 mocks Young Buck, suggesting they perform 'Shawty Wanna Cry With Me.'

NEW YORK — Somebody left New York's Nokia Theatre Tuesday night without her underwear. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were rocking the crowd toward the end of the concert, when 50 told DJ Whoo Kid to stop "In da Club." A bra had landed onstage.

"This means I'm the hottest one in the group, right?" 50 said with a smile as he held a black bra in his hands. (Check out photos from the show here.)

"What does this mean?" Fif asked. "I see you, girl."

Seconds later, a Louis Vuitton-patterned thong was thrown at the Unit.

"That ain't right, baby," 50 told the woman. "You nasty."

"I don't want those," Banks said. But 50 walked over to the crew's "Punchline King" and shoved the drawers in Banks' pocket.

"He can be the hottest one in the group," 50 laughed. "I'll be number two."

Banks just reiterated he didn't want any part of the undergarments. "Them sh--s ain't even Victoria's Secret."

"Back to the music," 50 insisted, signaling Whoo Kid to drop the next record, "Disco Inferno."

Years after 50 first released the song on 2005's The Massacre, the risqué anthem still has the same impact.

"Li'l mama, show me how you move it," the crowd recited with Fif.

The show started off with a strong call and response as well. The Unit came out with their military officer uniforms, as seen in the "Rider, Part 2" video. As the Auto-tune ad-libs of the records go, 50 had the audience yelling, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

Soon afterwards, LL Cool J came out for "Straight Outta Southside." Cool J added his verse from the mixtapes, giving the record a remix feel that the Unit obviously appreciated.

"Straight out the north side! Farmers Boulevard, n---a, stand up," LL rapped with ferocity. "I got the whole 'hood with me, n---a, man up/ I'm from the rock where the muthaf---in' thugs be/ Megan Ave., my blood n---as love me."

The mood shifted to please the ladies with "I Like the Way She Do It," then transferred to the thug side of things with "You So Tough." The song cut off before 50's controversial verse that some say disparages T.I.

They moved into Tony Yayo's "Pimpin" and then "I F---ed Your Bi---," from the Elephant in the Sand mixtape. The latter track, which has been released only on the underground market, got one of the strongest reactions of the night. In fact, the Unit's live versions of hard-core album cuts and street CD offerings kept the energy going seamlessly as they transitioned from performances of singles.

When they got to Lloyd Banks' "Cake," 50 had his accomplice stop just a couple of lines into the song.

"You know why I don't wanna do that?" 50 asked out loud. "[The song] says, 'Buck got the shotgun.' F--- that sh--!"

After "Ain't No Click" and "Hate It or Love It," 50 seemed to soften his stance on Young Buck. For about two seconds.

"I wanna do Buck," he said, before mocking Buck's "Shawty Wanna Ride With Me." " 'Shawty Wanna Cry With Me.' Y'all wanna hear that? 'Shawty Wanna Cry With Me.' "

"I Get Money" got the biggest reaction of the night, although "What Up Gangsta" gave goose bumps and shook the building like it was 2003 all over again. The Unit's last few songs were "Just a Lil' Bit,' "Candy Shop," "P.I.M.P." and "Outta Control." After about 90 minutes on the stage, 50 told Whoo Kid they had two minutes left.

"What you got?" 50 asked. Tired of waiting, the Unit's General had a good time joking on his DJ, asking the crowd, "Is anybody a DJ in here? This n---a Whoo Kid is wack!" Finally, Whoo Kidd threw on "Window Shopper."