Vampire Weekend Encounter Cowboys, Farmers, Revolutionaries And More For 'Oxford Comma' Video

The New York indie rockers' new video premieres Friday night on 'FNMTV.'

If you don't think one Ezra Koenig is enough, you'll be pumped to see a flurry of his clones when Vampire Weekend debut the video for their song "Oxford Comma" on Friday (June 20).

Drawing inspiration from some of the members' favorite films, the band winds up, well, all over the place: Expect farmers, revolutionaries, cowboys, Native Americans, kids and, yes, plenty of singer/guitarist Koenig.

"The concept is just like this one long shot — it's set up on a dolly," drummer Chris Tomson explained. "Basically, there's action coming in and out and interacting with Ezra through the course of the song."

The group recently teamed up with British director/comedian Richard Ayoade at Ronnybrook Farms in Ancramdale, New York, for the shoot, and their work will finally premiere Friday night on "FNMTV."

"We definitely had a conscious idea," bass player Chris Baio said of the band's ambitious clip. "There's a visual aspect, there's a musical aspect. We've definitely tried to keep it unified and put some thought into what the cover was, what this is gonna look like. It's just as important to us."

It was also important to branch out a bit after the impression they made with the video for "A Punk," which featured quirky, sped-up footage of the band playing in a large empty room.

"I feel like the last video had a certain kind of appeal that almost transcended what we were interested in," Koenig said. "This video reflects a little bit more and, on a certain level, is a little more complicated, so this video is a good opportunity for us to try something new. It's nice that now we're at a point where we have more resources and we can talk to the director."

Don't miss the video premiere on "FNMTV," Friday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.