Young Jeezy Says He Brought Usher, Kanye West To Atlanta Birthday Bash For 'Extra Umph'

The Snowman also throws his support behind Barack Obama: 'For the first time, we got hope.'

Yeah, Jeezy stood beside John McCain on "Saturday Night Live," but the Snowman says he's definitely not supporting the candidate's run for president. Jeezy is for Barack Obama and talks about it on his new LP, The Recession.

The album has a song called "My President's Black," and Jeezy feels so great about it that he's already made and passed out thousands of T-shirts throughout Atlanta.

"My president's black/ My Lambo's blue," he said, reciting lines from the record Saturday night at Atlanta's Philips Arena. "I made that song. It's on The Recession. I motivate the thugs. I'm really proud of Barack Obama. It's crazy 'cause for the first time, we got hope. A lot of times you be out here and do what you do. You see the presidents come in and go out. They really don't help the people, they help themselves and their partners."

Jeezy describes his album, due in August, as full of anthems. Over the weekend, he released his latest mixtape, The Prime Minister, and launched his social-networking Web site, The Snowman was one of the stars of radio station Hot 107.9's annual monster concert, the Birthday Bash. He brought out a myriad of surprises, stealing the show.

"I gave you a show," he said backstage. "[At the] Birthday Bash two years ago, I brought out Jay-Z. Shout-outs to Hov. It's about topping it. Making people step their game up. Relationships is everything. When you really know people, you tell them, 'Come through, we got Birthday Bash. Be there,' and they there? To me, that means everything. This year I called out Dream, Kanye, Usher, Blood Raw. ... I'm from Atlanta, so they pretty much see you every day. They know you gonna come out, but when you bring those special people out, it just gives it that extra umph. Me, personally, I take pride in Birthday Bash. Birthday Bash 13 was mine, by the way."

(Check out pictures of T.I., Young Jeezy and more onstage at the Birthday Bash.)

Kanye and Usher specifically went out of their way to make it to Atlanta for the show. Usher flew in from a promo tour in Japan, while Kanye came to town, performed and flew right back out to make his concert at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

"Shout-out to Kanye, he flew all the way in," Jeezy said. "I had to throw him a private jet courtesy of Young."