Inside The MTV Movie Awards Gift Bag: Resort Vacations, Wii 'Rock Band' And Even A Portable Red Carpet

Stars will walk away from Sunday's show with freebies valued at more than $15,000.

Wanna talk about the rich getting richer? Jonah Hill, Will Smith or Johnny Depp might wind up as the biggest winner at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, but the stars themselves will already have won by the time they reach the stage to nab their Golden Popcorn. That's because all the celebrity presenters and winners will walk away from the Gibson Amphitheatre with their very own gift bag, which is conservatively valued at slightly more than $15,000.

Just ask thrice-nominated actor Michael Cera: That kinda loot can buy a whole mess of orange Tic-Tacs.

So what's in the bag? And who's gonna want it? We took a look inside to find out.

(Check out photos of all the goodies — and see what everything is worth.)

Jack Black might have gone to the "School of Rock," and Rainn Wilson may think himself quite "The Rocker," but both will have to bone up on their skills to keep up with top players in the Wii version of "Rock Band" — which is included in the bag two weeks before it's released to the general public.

Fairy tales may come true for Amy Adams in "Enchanted," but to be a "Hollywood princess" she could use the included bamboo-and-cashmere scarf from Viridis Luxe, jewelry from Lee Angel, facial products from Rodial, a necklace from Gabriella Francesca, and hair and body products from Carol's Daughter and 29 Cosmetics.

Then again, the question most ladies are asking this week in anticipation of "Sex and the City: The Movie" isn't how to meet Prince Charming, but "WWCD?" As in, what would Carrie Bradshaw do? She'd probably go straight for the Habitual jeans, two pairs of which are included in the package, or the Autumn Cashmere light summer sweaters, the Pucci sunglasses, Saddleback leather bag, custom sandals from Mohop and the Gucci watch. Then she'd cap off a long day of not having to shop by spending two nights at Auberge Resorts' newest property or a three-night stay at a Palmer Hospitality Group property.

All nice for the women, sure, but don't think the men don't get to share in the fun. There's clothing from Five Four, a T-shirt from Gypsy 05, two pairs of Vans shoes, a pendant from Ugo Cacciatori, and a gift set from WeSC, which includes a set of headphones designed by DJ Steve Aoki.

Of course, not everything in the bag requires you to be away from home. If Ellen Page is anything like her character Juno, she'd no doubt enjoy the 18 months of Netflix included (to catch up on all those classic horror movies). Matt Damon, meanwhile, could use the Smartpen from Livescribe to feel more like superspy Jason Bourne. And Christopher Mintz-Plasse could enjoy the 10 free cases of beer from Dos Equis and the tasting from Frazier Winery. (Don't worry — he's of age. It says right here on his Hawaiian driver's license: McLovin, 25 year-old organ donor.)

Also included in the bag are Raisa Laser and Skin Care treatments, apparel and private surf lessons from Hurley, a year at Sports Club LA, portable gym bags from FRS Healthy Energy, and even a package from Red Carpet Runway that will enable stars to relive their MTV Movie Awards experience anytime with portable, customized backdrops and red carpets.

But the best part? Thanks to Paper Shouts, thank-you cards are already provided. Send gratitude, with legible return addresses, care of the MTV Movies team. You're welcome.

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