Will Ferrell, Danny McBride Answer Fans' Questions About 'The Foot Fist Way' At Sneak Peek Week Screening

'If you do have copies [of the movie] ... we will prosecute you,' Ferrell jokes at advanced screening.

LOS ANGELES"http://www.mtvsneakpeekweek.com"MTV's first-ever Sneak Peek Week continued on Monday with a special screening of "The Foot Fist Way" at Paramount Studios, an event that included appearances by star Danny McBride, writer/director Jody Hill and, Ron Burgundy himself, producer Will Ferrell.

So given his history as a verbose newscaster, why didn't Ferrell conduct the post-screening Q&A with more than 100 lucky audience members?

"I know, that would have been great," Ferrell quipped to emcee and MTV Movies Editor Josh Horowitz, "for you!"

What was great for some dozen fans was that they got to ask their own questions of the comedy trio after a showcase of their new film, the very funny story of Fred Simmons (McBride), an arrogant, somewhat clueless tae kwon do instructor and his adventures as "The King of the Demo." The film is finally getting a limited release this weekend after two years of being a viral hit, passed around on videocassette from friend to friend.

"And if you do have copies [of the movie] out there, hand them back!" Ferrell joked. "We will prosecute you."

For McBride and Hill, the film's release is the end of a long journey that began when they skipped the formalities of show business and made the film with their own money.

"I think they lied to us," McBride said when he was asked why they chose to make their own film rather than submit scripts through the proper channels. "I don't think you can work your way up."

Unlike tae kwon do (but somewhat like the type of tae kwon do taught by Simmons), there were no rules for the Q&A, and several audience members took full advantage, asking the trio everything from why mustaches are the new go-to punch line ("It's just hilarious. You can keep stuff in it," McBride explained) to who it's more fun to beat up, children or the elderly ("Depends on how fat the kids are," he said).

But with Ferrell on the panel, talk inevitably turned to some of his other famous characters. Given that, like his others, this film is so quotable, one audience member wanted to know what it's like to have someone parrot his own lines back at him.

"I'm sorry. What were you saying? Yeah, I said that," Ferrell responded. "It's strange."

"That hasn't happened [to me] ever," McBride added, laughing.

It will, no doubt, after "The Foot Fist Way" gets seen by a wider audience, as the crowd at Paramount Studios seemed to love the screening. In fact, there appeared to be only one upset audience member.

"Why didn't you guys tell me about the Q&A?" "Foot Fist" co-star Ben Best laughingly demanded as he made a surprise appearance at the mic, before storming off backstage. "F--- you!"

"The Foot Fist Way" opens in limited release May 30. It is an MTV Films production.

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