'Twilight' Stars Answer More Of Fans' Burning Questions: Robert Pattinson's Nickname, Kristen Stewart's Klutziness And More

Nikki Reed talks mac 'n' cheese; Michael Welch thanks everyone for the socks.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Over the last several Twilight Tuesdays, fans have read about such important matters as Stephenie Meyer's movie cameo, Edward and Bella's tender moment in the meadow and the "Twilight" takeover of this weekend's MTV Movie Awards. But what kind of macaroni and cheese do the stars of the upcoming movie like to eat? And how many pairs of socks do they own?

These are just a few of the probing questions Twilighters sent to MTV News when we invited the die-hards to channel their inner Barbara Walters on our Movies Blog. Now, as a follow-up to the infamous video that had Robert Pattinson fielding your marriage proposals, we present "Twilight" Stars Answer Fans' Burning Questions -- The Sequel! (Got more questions for Robert and Kristen? Kim Stolz, the latest MTV Newser to catch "Twilight" fever, is taking suggestions before she interviews them at the MTV Movie Awards.)

Q: "Kristen: Are you as big a klutz as Bella in real life?" — Nazrine

Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan): I haven't hurt myself on set; I've hurt myself off-set. It's surprisingly difficult to do it on cue. I'm not the most graceful of people, but it's like physical comedy — it's hard to do. Unless you're actually tripping, it just looks fake. But I'm doing my best. I'm no Buster Keaton, but I'm trying.

Q: "What is your favorite brand of mac and cheese?" — Mandee

Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale): [To co-star Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen)] What's your favorite kind of mac and cheese, hon? I should know this. It's only been 108 years [that we've been together].

Kellan Lutz: The one my mom makes. I have no idea how she makes it, but it's amazing.

Reed: My mom used to make mac and cheese with Velveeta, like, melted on it? And that was really good. What was that? Dino Mac 'n Cheese? I'm sure that was great.

Q: "What parts of yourself are you hoping to bring into your character onscreen?" — Jessie

Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen): Absolutely nothing. There's nothing of me I'm bringing to this character. I'm a father, so I think I understand the way a father would react in certain situations, and I think I share Carlisle's love for humanity and his compassion. There are things that I share with him, but I'm not 348 years old, and there are a lot of things that I have to bring to it that aren't quite me.

Q: "If you had a choice to play (gender aside) another character in the 'Twilight' books besides the one you've already been cast as, who would it be and why?" — Bob

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen): I like Victoria; I like her role a lot. She's ferocious, and she's in it to win it. That's a flipside. It's like my character's spunky and fun and good-hearted, and [Victoria]'s just evil.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale): On that same basis, I'd have to say James. At the core of his character, [Jasper] has found a girl he can love and take care of that'll let him be the sweeter, softer side that a girl like Victoria wouldn't let him be. So, I've gotta say the flipside would be Victoria and James.

Q: "Will the Port Angeles scene be in the movie?" — Lisa

Greg Mooradian (producer): I'd love to tell you the answer. We're not going to give away the details of the story, but I have a feeling that people who are clamoring for Port Angeles should not be disappointed.

Q: "Michael, did you like the truckload of socks you got from fans across the world?" — Irish_Sheep

Michael Welch (Mike Newton): This whole socks thing, this is when I realized, "OK, this is just the coolest group of people." I think it was a blog [in] the Twilight Lexicon, where I mentioned that I was about to go on this road trip, and then I just started getting silly at the end and mentioned that I was low on socks. ... So [Twilighters] took that and said, "You know what? Let's start sending Mike socks; let's just see what happens." People have sent me hundreds of socks now. It's really amazing, because they had to pay for that, man! They had to package that and put on a stamp and ship it out! That is true fan commitment right there, and I really appreciate it.

Q: "For Catherine Hardwicke, Director of Gods: How does it feel being the Director of Gods?" — Evangeline Annie Van Holzen

Catherine Hardwicke: Actually, I do feel lucky directing Kristen and Rob, because their faces are so beautiful. They're expressive. Their skin is just porcelain, and sometimes I am literally watching the monitor and I'm going, "Oh, I'm so excited!" just about jumping up and down. But I don't want to say anything, because I want to keep them in the moment. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting gold here. And it is very exciting.

Q: "Robert, do you like the fans' nickname for you, RPattz?" - Hannah

Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen): Rpattz. I guess it kind of makes sense. It's my initial, and a bit of my name. I don't know. At least it's not an insult. It sounds kind of like antacid or something. ... I hate my name. I hate any reference to my name. I wish people would completely invent a new one like ... Spunk. There's a girl that's called Ransom. I'd like to be called "Ransom Spunk," or "Spunk Ransom."

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