Jonas Brothers Weigh In On 'American Idol' David Vs. David Finale: 'I'm Torn. I Have To See 'Em Perform'

Brothers, who will perform on 'Idol' Wednesday night, also have summer tour, new album and 'secret' video lined up.

The stage is set for the ultimate battle: the "American Idol" finale. And nothing but nothing will detract from Davids Archuleta and Cook on Wednesday night. Nothing, except, perhaps, a three-minute period during which the screams of a nation will be directed not at David or David, but at Kevin, Joe and Nick — the Jonas Brothers — who will perform their hit "S.O.S." on one of the most-watched TV events of the year.

As excited as tween America was to get that news, when we caught up with the Jonases backstage at radio station Z-100's Zootopia concert in New Jersey on Saturday night, they said that they too can hardly believe they will be taking the "Idol" stage. "It's crazy," Joe said, with younger brother Nick adding, "When we heard, we were freaking out. We were in the studio, actually, working with Demi Lovato — we're co-producing her record — and they told us, and we were like, 'Awesome!' "

Like most of the country, the guys watch "Idol," but Kevin said they are somewhat torn on the David vs. David finale. "We don't really know who to go for," he said. "One's the rocker and one's, like, more all-American. You just don't know." Fine, fellas, but at the end of the day, you've got to choose — and when pressed, Joe's rock leanings prevail: "For me, I would say David Cook." Meanwhile, Nick, ever the diplomat, said, "I'm torn. I have to see 'em perform."

Either David would be lucky to have the adulation currently being heaped on the boys from Jersey, who helicoptered into the Meadowlands, running a bit late and thus cutting down our 10-minute interview to seven-and-a-half minutes. Yikes. Time is money. Speaking of which, the brothers are about to shoot a new video (they would not disclose the name of the track), tour Europe for a few weeks with Avril Lavigne and then head back here for a summer tour and the August 12 release of a new frères Jonas album, A Little Bit Longer.

The record was mostly written while the guys were on the road. Consequently, Kevin says, it features songs about "being away from home." Nick promises "some Prince influences," though we doubt there will be much in the way of Controversy.

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