Game Takes Commanding Lead In 'Hottest MCs' Readers' Poll, With Styles P Coming In At A Surprising #2

Jay-Z, T.I. and Joe Budden are in a three-way tie for #8 — but there's still time to vote.

The winner (so far) by a landslide is ... the Game. Inactivity, not lack of skill, caused the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust to leave Game off of the 2008 "Hottest MCs" list. The fans, however, have been speaking out via an online poll. A couple of weeks ago, MTV News started a poll that included 30 names of hip-hop stars and let the people vote as many times as they wanted to determine who the public felt was the hottest MC. Obviously, the fans' voting had no bearing in the roundtable results, but it's still fun nonetheless.

Our comments section has been working overtime to log your ongoing debates. A reader going by the name of Haterfree says, "How can Game be the hottest out when he barely put anything out?" But Presidant Breitner defends the front-runner, saying, "Come on, he took down the whole G-Unit."

Meanwhile, readers like paragon216 are upset over who didn't make the ballot: "How is it that Black Thought can drop 10 albums full of relentless lyrics, be #6 on Billboard right now (TODAY!) and not be on this list?"

A tally of more than 66,000 votes cast from 125 countries reveals that Game is currently #1 with 29 percent of the vote. Surprisingly, Styles P is holding it down in second place with 17 percent. The man the Brain Trust voted #1, Kanye West, is sitting at #7, a single percentage point ahead of Jay-Z, Joe Budden and T.I., who are all tied with 3 percent of the vote. Here are the current standings, but don't forget, the polls are still open. Make your voice heard by casting your vote and commenting in the MTV Newsroom blog.

1. Game

2. Styles P

3. Lupe Fiasco

4. Nas

5. 50 Cent

6. Lil Wayne

7. Kanye West

8. Jay-Z

8. Joe Budden

8. T.I.

Now that you've checked out our "Hottest MCs in the Game" show, we want to know what MCs you're feeling! Keep the debate rolling by submitting your own top-10 list below or heading to to upload your video reaction. And the hotness continues: You can check in on last year's top 10 and see this year's complete list on our "Hottest MCs" page.