'American Idol' Champ Jordin Sparks Predicts A David Cook/ David Archuleta Showdown In The Finals

Songstress tells MTV News the 'Idol' guys are 'where it's at this year.'

We all know how the votes have been going on "American Idol," and we've seen some huge talents come and go during the season. But who does last year's winner think will take it all during this year's finale?

We'll give you a hint — they have a Y chromosome.

"I really like Jason Castro," Sparks told MTV News from the orange carpet at last weekend's [article id="1584430"]Kids' Choice Awards[/article]. "I like his look, and I love his vulnerability. He goes out there, and if he messes up, he's just like, 'Oops.' But I like [article id="1584150"]David Cook[/article] too. I think the guys are where it's at this year. I love you, girls — please don't get me wrong — and I could be totally wrong, because the show is so unpredictable."

But when pressed to go out on a limb and call this season's champ, Sparks demurred but eventually spilled the beans.

"It's going to be either [article id="1582392"]David Archuleta[/article] or David Cook," she predicted, before saying that she ultimately believes David Cook — who was [article id="1584613"]hospitalized[/article] after [article id="1584614"]Tuesday's show[/article] — will be America's next "Idol."

And Sparks will get a chance to meet this year's contenders when she returns to the "Idol" stage for the second "Idol Gives Back" charity event, airing April 9. But there's someone Sparks is really looking forward to meeting next week — and it's not a potential "Idol" but a bona fide one.

"I would die if I got to meet [article id="1584685"]Mariah Carey[/article]," she said, in reference to the scheduled "Idol Gives Back" performer.

"Idol" aside, though, Sparks has a lot on her plate. Following next week's appearance on the show, Sparks will head out on tour with Alicia Keys and Ne-Yo, before heading overseas for a European jaunt. She's also still trying to break into acting but said she's gotten no serious offers to do so — yet.

"Hopefully, I will get to do some acting soon, because it's so much fun," Sparks said. "When I get to do the music videos, it's like my only chance to act. It's exciting, because I get to be a different character. I love changing into different characters."

What roles would she love to tackle? "I could play the best friend, maybe a broken-hearted girl — anything," she proclaimed.

Sparks' [article id="1571021"]self-titled debut album[/article] hit stores in November and has sold well over 600,000 copies.

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