Linkin Park Space Out For 'Leave Out All The Rest' Video, Eye July Start For Projekt Revolution Tour

MC Mike Shinoda says Jay-Z will join them for U.K. tour dates, but rest of lineup is still undetermined.

When it comes to epic music videos, no one does it quite like the dudes from Linkin Park. And the forthcoming clip for "Leave Out All the Rest," the latest single from the band's 2007 LP Minutes to Midnight, will be no different.

Linkin Park spent last weekend standing in front of a green screen in a warehouse in Van Nuys, California, shooting the video directed by the band's DJ, Joseph Hahn, who also came up with the video's treatment. The clip depicts a day in the life of Linkin Park — that is, if they all lived in a futuristic flight vessel, floating somewhere in outer space.

"Joe wasn't even going to write a treatment for this song," MC Mike Shinoda told MTV News on the set. "We'd [received] a number of treatments, and we were kind of bummed out, because we weren't connecting to any of them. And then, out of nowhere, we get a treatment from Joe in an e-mail, and we just loved it. It was random, out of nowhere, and it fit the song perfectly. I really like this video, because it's different from everything else he's done with us before. It's this sci-fi thing, which is fun. We've never really done that, and when I walked onto the set, I thought it looked like 'Battlestar Galactica.' "

In the video — which features no performance footage — the band lives in a rundown, artificial habitat that's making its way across the galaxy. At first, the boys are seen passing the time performing mundane tasks, but then gravity is lost onboard the vessel, sending the guys floating about.

"We're explorers in space, just like when we go on tour," said Hahn. "We're leaving our home life behind, and I guess it kind of ties into 'Leave Out All the Rest,' in that we have to leave things behind in order to do something better."

According to Shinoda, it was Minutes to Midnight producer Rick Rubin who first realized the song's potential as a single.

"When we were in the studio, working on the album, this song was one of the ones that I was personally pretty attached to," said Shinoda. "I remember Rick, of all people, who never says stuff like this, because he's more of a guy who either likes a song or thinks it can be better, and usually it can be better. I don't know if it's just that he sets his standards so high, but he never says things like, 'This is a single.' But when he heard this song, he said, 'This sounds like a massive single.' For us, when we write a record, we don't think in terms of singles. In our minds, every song is a single."

But Shinoda wasn't just talking about the band's new video last weekend, he also told MTV News about this summer's Projekt Revolution tour — well, as much as he could tell us, that is. While he said they're still in the process of locking in bands for the trek, he did say it should kick off in mid-July, in an undetermined city. It will be a green tour, like last year's run, which featured My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, HIM, the Bled and others.

"We've been keeping our tours green ever since we started making those efforts over a year ago," he said. "The majority of our fleet is biodiesel, and we'll be planting a tree for every ticket sold. So, you're already helping out the environment just by buying a ticket.

In addition, we're doing really simple things. The catering backstage for the band and crew — we take any leftovers to a homeless shelter. On an everyday basis, we try to encourage anything we can do to make things a little more climate-conscious.

"More information about the tour will be coming out soon, but we have some great hopes for some bands we want to be on it," he continued. "We want to follow up last year's tour with something that's cool."

There's some good news for the band's European fans, as Shinoda said they'll be taking Projekt Revolution overseas. "Jay-Z will be joining us on the U.K. dates, and that's really exciting," he said. "Whenever we do a show with friends of ours, we hope to get onstage and do something together. I can't say for sure if that will happen, but it's my intention at least."

Shinoda also added that the band is already thinking about the follow-up to Minutes to Midnight. "We're always writing," he said. "While we're home for a bit, we will be writing. The next record won't take 18 months to finish. I can't say for sure when a record will come out or what it will be like, but we already have a lot of ideas, and I'm sure some of those will end up as songs on the record."