'Sex And The City' Movie Trailer: Video Leaked To Web Reveals Big Trouble For Carrie

A shot-by-shot analysis foretells of wedding woes, pregnancies and heartbreak for the foursome.

Do you happen to be among the millions of people who saw a leaked version of the first full trailer for the "Sex and the City" movie? Shame on you! Well, not too much shame. We saw it too. (What were we going to do, not watch?) And, like Carrie, we've been glued to our laptops ever since. So, put on your best Manolo Blahniks and break out the cosmos — it's time to dish on all the best secrets.

(Time codes count down from the beginning. That is, if you can find it on the web, not that we'd encourage you to do that sort of thing...)

-2:22: We're back home, with establishing shots of New York. It's no coincidence, of course, that the trailer begins like this. After all, Manhattan, not Carrie, has always been the show's main character. Welcome back, ladies.

-2:17: Carrie and Big are caught in a very public display of affection. "It's the last single-girl kiss," Carrie coos. When early photos showing Carrie in a wedding gown leaked from the set of the film, producers went to great lengths to assure audiences that it was just from a fantasy sequence. Umm, yeah, about that: It seems they were lying.

-2:12: Carrie's engagement is announced in the paper. "Best Seller Bliss," the headline reads.

-2:09: Big's full name is revealed, and it's ... John James Preston? If I were his friend, I'd call him JayJay.

-2:04: "Should I get you a diamond?" Big asks. "No, just get me a really big closet," Carrie answers. It's good to know her priorities haven't changed.

-2:00 - 1:57: Our first update on the lives of the other three women: Charlotte and Harry are on the Central Park carousal, clutching their adopted Chinese daughter. Samantha seduces Smith in an office. Miranda horses around with Steve and Brady in their Brooklyn home.

-1:54: Carrie and Big are in a huge apartment. As both JayJay (see, I told you) and Carrie have had serious commitment issues, and both value their own independence, this is obviously a must for them.

-1:44: The four best friends chat on a bed, with a new addition. Charlotte's daughter seems welcome (and lucky: little girls kill for cool aunts. She has three!).

-1:41: "I want you," JayJay says, raising his voice ever so slightly. He could be referring to their wedding-guest list, or he could mean, "Just you and not a million other people." Big, remember, has already had a lavish affair. Carrie, meanwhile, just wants to be swept off her feet. I'm sensing tension.

-1:38: Carrie walking up to get married with her three bridesmaids, who are all wearing outfits of different styles and colors. Typical Carrie: less concerned with having matching dresses, and more concerned with making sure each of her best friends looks her best.

-1:36: Carrie drops her cell phone.

-1:34: Flanked by her friends, Carrie leaves her wedding in a huff. Big has obviously not shown. Also, the New York Public Library? That's where she's having the wedding? Really? Signs point to yes.

-1:19: Always the independent one, Carrie hires her first ever personal assistant, and it's Jennifer Hudson! "Why did you move to New York?" she asks. "To fall in love," Hudson responds. Yeah, she should fit right in.

-1:12: As a title card reads "Some Things End," Steve seems to confess to cheating on a horrified and shocked Miranda. This will undoubtedly be Miranda's big struggle throughout the film: whether or not to forgive her husband for his one-time indiscretion.

-1:09: "Some Things Begin." Charlotte, who has been trying to conceive for years, reveals to Carrie that she's finally pregnant. Incidentally, in the next shot, we get our first look at Charlotte all preggers. Two down ...

-1:00: "Some Things Never Change." Samantha is on the beach checking out another guy. Does this mean that after all Smith put up with — Smith the actor, Smith the amazing catch — she's going to send him a ticket to Dumpsville? Could the famously, umm, promiscuous blonde finally settle down? Temptation beckons.

-0:52: "You know me," Samantha says. "I don't really believe in marriage."

-0:48: Cheers! Cosmos.

-0:31: The friends all lounge on a Caribbean beach. In the absence of Jay Jay, more than likely they're all together on Carrie's honeymoon. Waste not, want not is what I always say.

-0:10: Carrie reads "Cinderella" to Charlotte's daughter, before interrupting the story to inform her that fairy tales don't always come true, and princesses aren't always rescued.

Will Carrie's story end happily ever after? We'll find out May 30.

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