Fall Out Boy Taking A Cue From Oasis On Upcoming (Non-Folk) Album

'We have, like, 50 new songs, and two of them are probably good,' bassist Pete Wentz laughs about Infinity on High follow-up.

Pete Wentz doesn't want to talk about Fall Out Boy's new album — because Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke told him not to.

"Whenever you talk about your album this far out, or any distance out, whatever you say — I watched Thom Yorke talk about this — whatever the first couple of things you say, or the first person who hears the record says, is really the only thing that ends up out there with the record," Wentz said. "We were like, 'Oh, yeah, it's a little more folky,' and people were like, 'They've got a folk album coming out!' and that's not really the case."

He's making light of a situation that arose last year, when he and frontman Patrick Stump did an interview about their appreciation for the storytelling aspects of folk music, which somehow got twisted into "Fall Out Boy are recording a folk album," which meant that they spent the remainder of 2007 telling anyone who'd listen that they weren't actually doing so.

So while he's not willing to talk at great lengths about the follow-up to Infinity on High, he wasn't about to send our intrepid reporter away empty-handed. So he offered up the following nugget, sure to be misconstrued by NME in the very near future.

"I think the one aspect we're bringing to the record is something Oasis did a lot, where they'd play these really distorted, awesome riffs, and they'd have an acoustic guitar over the entire song," he said. "It kind of brings this great sense of melody and softness to a song that would otherwise just totally be a rock song. And I want to go in a completely different direction with the lyrics, but we'll see if that happens."

So just when can fans expect to hear these Brit-pop-inspired tunes? Well, Wentz really doesn't have any idea. Right now, he and the rest of Fall Out Boy are relaxing and relishing some much-needed time off. Plus, he's not even completely sure that the songs he's talking about will make the final cut. After all, they're just a few out of many the band has written lately.

"We're just writing songs and goofing around and trying to enjoy time off," Wentz laughed. "But we're still working. We have, like, 50 new songs, and two of them are probably good."