Amy Winehouse's Husband Charged, Remanded In Alleged Plot To Fix Trial

Singer reportedly blew kisses to Blake Fielder-Civil when he appeared in court Saturday.

Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was remanded in custody during a court appearance on Saturday (November 10) after bring formally charged with one count of "attempting to pervert the court of justice," or the U.S. equivalent of obstruction of justice, according to multiple reports. The singer reportedly blew kisses to him and mouthed, "I love you," as her husband turned around and smiled at her.

The 25-year-old Fielder-Civil was arrested over an alleged $400,000 plot to fix a trial after the Thursday raid of his and Winehouse's London home. It was another troubling turn of events involving the embattled singer.

Fielder-Civil and Anthony Kelly, another 25-year-old man who was arrested Thursday and is charged with the same offense, were remanded in custody until November 23, when they are due to appear in court again. Winehouse was accompanied by her father, Mitch, while in court, and reportedly did not speak to the press afterward.

A 22-year-old and a 19-year-old who had been taken into custody Thursday have been released on police bail to return February 11. A yet-unidentified 36-year-old man, who was arrested Friday in central England, is still in custody at a police station in north London.

As police took Fielder-Civil into custody at a residence in East London, the singer, who was there with him, said, "I want to go with him," according to the Daily Mirror, which posted a video of Fielder-Civil's arrest on its Web site. Before he was put into a police car, Winehouse reportedly hugged and kissed him and said, "Baby, I love you. Baby, I'll be fine." Winehouse's publicist confirmed to MTV News on Thursday that the singer had not been charged or arrested.

Fielder-Civil, who is in custody at a North London police station, is alleged to have attempted to halt a trial in which he and a friend, Michael Brown, 39, are accused of assaulting a bartender on June 20, causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The alleged victim, James King, reportedly had been offered $400,000 to withdraw his police statement.

Winehouse's husband and the three other men who were at arrested at addresses in east London on Thursday could face life sentences on the charges for which they are accused. At a previous hearing, Fielder-Civil denied the grievous bodily harm with intent charge, which can lead to a life term, the Mirror reports.

"Amy's totally distraught," said Georgette Fielder-Civil, Blake's mother, according to the Press Association, the UK's national news agency. "She kept saying to me, 'I love him. He's done nothing wrong.' She was really upset because she couldn't go and visit him. Amy has told me she'll stand by Blake whatever happens."

Georgette had also spoken with the paper about her son, saying, "He's very anxious. Blake reckons he'll be jailed and Amy, too, is worried that he will."

According to the Mirror, Blake Fielder-Civil told his mother the night before the police raided his home that, "I know I didn't do it, but I think I'll go down. There's some [closed-circuit TV] footage of the incident. Although I know I'm innocent, it looks particularly bad."

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, told the Mirror that, "If Blake were to go to jail for [grievous bodily injury], it would be the best thing that could happen for Amy. We could get her into rehab."

News of the police raid on Winehouse and Fielder-Civil's Camden home — which happened 10 hours before Fielder-Civil's arrest, according to the Mirror — surfaced late Thursday via a series of British reports. Officers broke down doors with crowbars an hour after the couple had left, according to reports. Authorities said investigations were ongoing and were seen carrying several boxes out of the house. Forensics photographers also entered the property, according to The Associated Press.

The Daily Mirror reported on Friday that it had tipped off detectives about the alleged plot to put off the trial, which would also reportedly have involved flying King out of the country before the hearing on Monday in the case against Fielder-Civil and Brown, in hopes that the case would collapse. The Mirror claimed to have filmed King — who needed metal plates implanted into his face as a result of the alleged assault — withdrawing his assault allegations in meetings in which Winehouse was not involved. The paper said there was no suggestion the singer was in on the alleged scheme.

The Mirror reported that a police spokesperson thanked the tabloid for bringing the allegations of the crime to their attention. The paper claimed the alleged conspiracy was revealed when two men named "Ant" and "Jay" contacted it on October 25, claiming that it had video of the alleged attack on King. Reporters met the men at a pub and were shown the footage, and several days later "Ant" claimed he had been offered money to organize a deal between King and his attackers, and for "babysitting" King overseas until the case was dropped.

According to the Mirror report, the paper then placed hidden cameras and audio equipment in Ant's apartment and filmed King, claiming he would withdraw his court statement for $400,000. A gathering was then arranged at a bar in Soho on Monday, and it was reportedly attended by "Ant," "Jay," Brown, Fielder-Civil and a friend. The paper said the men discussed the specifics of King withdrawing his statement and how long he would leave the country for and then he was filmed withdrawing the statement. The men appeared to be jovial in discussing the specifics of King's going into hiding, the paper said, and shortly thereafter, the Mirror reported that it turned over the evidence to police.

In a separate Winehouse development that happened Wednesday, she was granted a visa that will allow her to enter the United States — but she still won't be making any of her previously scheduled appearances, her publicist confirmed to MTV News.

The "Rehab" singer was set to appear at the mtvU Woodie Awards on Thursday and as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" (which is now in reruns anyway, due to the writers' strike) over the weekend. Some speculated Winehouse's recent visa troubles had something to do with her recent arrest for marijuana possession in Norway. Winehouse will next visit the States in January when she kicks off her upcoming U.S. tour.

While Winehouse won't be making the Woodies, she did appear at the MTV Europe Music Awards late last week. But she stumbled through her performance and gave a very brief acceptance speech when she won the Artists' Choice honor. She said "thanks" when she accepted the award, and appeared to have difficulty remembering the words to her own song, dancing unsteadily as she performed.

[This story was originally published at 7:03 p.m. ET on 11.08.2007]