Britney Spears, Bad Parent? Taryn Manning, Perez Hilton Weigh In

The "Leave Britney alone!" guy also shares his take on the singer's recent child-custody setback.

Britney Spears has lost custody of her two children — at least temporarily — but the oft-troubled pop singer hasn't yet lost the faith of her fans, who are "with her ... when she's down and out," Internet celebrity Chris Crocker, a.k.a. the "Leave Britney Alone!" guy, told MTV News.

"I'm not delusional. I was kind of expecting this, to be honest with you," he said. "[But] I think there's a good side to this. She's not herself right now. If anything, this can push her to be a better person."

Best known for his staunch defense of Spears' VMA performance in the video plea — which has been viewed nearly 3 million times since it was posted on YouTube on September 9 — Crocker steadfastly remains by the 25-year-old singer's side, despite a court order that would seem to throw into question her abilities as a parent: On Monday (October 1), Spears was ordered to hand over custody of children Sean Preston and Jayden James to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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"Britney has her whole life ahead of her — she still has time to change," Crocker said. "We're with her. Just because someone is not in the right state of mind to be a mother, that doesn't mean that she is a bad person."

Also coming to her side is Taryn Manning, Spears' co-star on the 2002 film "Crossroads." She says life hasn't always been this way for the singer.

"I will say that she is a very, very good person. Very kind and very sweet," Manning said. "Things have changed, obviously."

Manning also stressed that it's important to remember that while Britney is a mother, she's only 25 years old. Combine that with the fact that she's been protected by the public spotlight all her life and you get someone who never really had to grow up, Manning argued.

"I think she's a young girl who is going through something that we all kind of experience," Manning opined.

"The little bit of fame that I've experienced drives me crazy. I can't even imagine or fathom what she goes through," Manning continued. "I feel for her."

While Manning defended Spears, blogger and gossip columnist Perez Hilton wasn't so understanding. He called her a bad parent and insisted that "the judge obviously had the best interest of the children in mind" when he gave full custody to their father.

"What took them so long?" Hilton asked, his voice rising. "I think Kevin is a better parent. Do you want to have two young children around [Spears]?"

While he refuses to give Britney the unconditional support that Crocker does, Hilton does agree at least in part with the 19-year-old YouTube sensation, calling the day's events a "good wake-up call."

"She needs to get her life in order," Hilton argued. "I don't think Britney Spears knows who she is. Having your kids taken away is very serious. Hopefully Britney will take it seriously."

" 'Comeback' is the appropriate word; maybe she can 'come back' to her senses," Crocker added, a hint of doubt in his voice. "I hope so."

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[This story was originally published at 9:15 p.m. ET on 10.01.2007]