Jessica Biel Might Lasso Wonder Woman Role For 'Justice League' Movie

The '7th Heaven' vixen is reportedly in talks for the film, but will this Amazonian princess turn to the dark side?

Fans looking for ways to describe Jessica Biel will be able to say she's as "beautiful as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena, swifter than Mercury and stronger than Hercules" now that the 25-year-old actress is in talks to play Wonder Woman in George Miller's "Justice League of America" movie, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Biel is the first actor to be officially linked with the ensemble project, which will also feature legendary DC Comics characters such as Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, the Flash and Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds has previously stated he'd love to be in it, now that plans for his Flash movie have fizzled (see " 'The Flash' Isn't Happening? Not So Fast, Ryan Reynolds Says ..."). Christian Bale, on the other hand, told MTV News he doesn't want to don his Batman mask for "JLA."

One of the oldest, and certainly the most famous, female superheroes, Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess and a founding member of the Justice League in comic lore. Known by her alias, Diana Prince, Wonder Woman possesses preternatural strength and speed, as well as several magical weapons, most famously the Lasso of Truth — an unbreakable rope that compels those caught by it to be completely honest — and indestructible golden gauntlets.

Given rumors that the "JLA" movie would center on a hero gone bad, it's interesting to note that Wonder Woman is the biggest superhero ever to break the "do not kill" code among Justice League members. In the lead-up to DC's "Infinite Crisis" series, Wonder Woman kills villain Max Lord when he admits under the power of the Lasso of Truth that his death is the only way to break his control over Superman.

Most recently seen alongside Adam Sandler and Kevin James in the comedy "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" (see "Jessica Biel Says She'd Turn Into An Ugly 'Monster' For Riskier Roles"), Biel has raised her profile in recent years with roles in diverse films ranging from "The Illusionist" to "Home of the Brave." She is currently filming the drama "Powder Blue."

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