50 Cent Brings LL Cool J, Remy Ma To His Old 'Hood For Last Of Five NYC Shows

Final 5 Borough Tour stop includes special guests, a Fat Joe dis and plenty of fake cash.

NEW YORK — Last stop: Jamaica, Queens. 50 Cent ended his 5 Borough Tour — a series of concerts in each of New York City's boroughs that began Thursday at Manhattan's Hammerstein Ballroom — right in his old backyard of Jamaica, Queens, at the Rum Jungle on Sunday night.

Although the tour found 50 rocking on smaller stages than normal (he's grown accustomed to stadiums and arenas since his star rose in 2003), he managed to squeeze even more guests onstage with him than usual on Sunday. Not only did his G-Unit running mates Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks and Young Hot Rod (who wasn't given a mic or even a mention) remain onstage with him the entire show, Fif surprised the crowd by bringing out former Terror Squad cornerstone Remy Ma, as well as the legendary LL Cool J. And let's not forget all of G-Unit's various associates and hangers-on. Yup, 50 stood tall in front of all of them, much like King Leonidas in "300."

(Check out pictures of 50 Cent and an impressive array of guests at each stop of the 5 Borough Tour.)

Tony Yayo and Young Buck set the stage for a night of energy and smiles with ad-libs and visible enthusiasm during "What Up Gangsta." Lloyd Banks then came out to help on "Curtis 187," a new track from Curtis (see "50 Cent Album Preview: Eminem, Dr. Dre Help Curtis 'Keep It Funky' ").

50's new bread-and-butter pitch, "I Get Money," was soon to follow. Just like he used to do when "In Da Club" had its run as the hottest record in rap, 50 rolled out "I Get Money" early in the show and did it again to close. It was a definite building-shaker, and the fans in Fif's home territory loved it both times, waving their hands in the air to the "Hey! Ho!" chants at the end. The only disappointment might have been when the crowd realized that the $50 bills that the G-Unit threw in the air (like Harlem gangsters Rich Porter and Alpo used to do on their nights out in the '80s) were actually 50 Cent bills — fake money with 50's face on it. One lady even dove to the ground like she was David Wright going after a line drive, only to come up with a handful of promo swag. Insert Tony Yayo's laugh from "Straight to the Bank" here: Ha!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

50 had a devilish grin on his face when he started to rap the lyrics for "Lean Back": "My n---as don't dance, they just pull up their pants and do the Rockaway/ And lean back." What? 50 rapping the lyrics of one of his rap foes, Fat Joe? Clearly, this was some type of lead-in to another Fat Joe dis. And it was.

"Where's my b---h at?" 50 asked. Then Remy Ma walked through the line of men blanketing the stage. Remy, who recently made headlines for allegedly shooting one of her best friends (see "Remy Ma Arrested On Attempted Murder Charge"), came out, did her verse for "Lean Back" and simply left.

More of 50's own records followed, "Straight to the Bank" and "Amusement Park" to name a couple. "Yo, where's my n---a at?" 50 asked. "I got a surprise for you. We just did records like 'Ayo Technology' and 'Follow My Lead.' I wanna show you where I got the idea from." It took a couple of minutes and it wasn't the smoothest of entrances — maybe because of that sea of people he had to walk through — but LL finally made his way out to center stage to perform the underground record "Queens" with 50.

"Let it rock, let it rock!" Cool J encouraged. "Put your hands side to side and say yeah! ... Q-boro is thorough! Q-boro is thorough!"

Later, 50 also introduced one of Bob Marley's sons, Ky-Mani Marley.

"My house really looks like this," 50 insisted to the audience, referring to a nightclub inside his Connecticut mansion. "Club TKO, right, Yayo?"

Before the Unit exited, Young Buck said his kindest "thank you" to the NYPD, who had a heavy presence at the show. "On behalf of Queens, can I get a great big 'F--- the police'?" he asked. The crowd complied.

While 50's hometown got its share of Curtis Jackson over the past few days, his fans overseas will have to wait. It was announced Monday (September 17) that he's postponing his European promotional tour.