Coldplay Go To Church, Say New Album Will Be Blessed With 'Hispanic Theme'

'The sights, sounds and flavors of Latin America and Spain have definitely been infused into this album,' band says in post.

Coldplay's fourth album is shaping up to be quite the affair: Brian Eno behind the decks, recording sessions at church altars and — apparently — a "strengthening Hispanic theme."

That's according to the bandmembers themselves, who posted a handwritten message on their site detailing the recording of their follow-up to 2005's X&Y, which they're working on in Barcelona, Spain. But before you get all excited for flamenco guitars and paeans to paella, remember, this is Coldplay we're talking about.

"The sights, sounds and flavors of Latin America and Spain have definitely been infused into this album. The band visited Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico earlier this year. Chris [Martin] then came up with the idea of recording in Spain," the post reads. "The music and lyrics have begun to reflect the strengthening Hispanic theme. No maracas or castanets, but a vibrancy and colorfulness that owes much to the atmospheres of Buenos Aires [Argentina] and Barcelona. The effect is subtle but important."

See, subtle. That's sort of been the theme Coldplay have employed for album number four. After all, the "announcement" that they were working with Eno didn't come via some wordy press release, but rather through an offhand comment the producer made in a BBC Radio interview back in February (see "Break's Over: Coldplay Tap Super-Producer Brian Eno For X&Y Follow-Up"). And that news came on the heels of the announcement that the band wasn't working on an album at all — rather, Coldplay were settling in to enjoy "a much-deserved break," according to a spokesperson for their label, Capitol (see "No Five-Year Hiatus For Coldplay — But They Are Taking A Break").

And for their upcoming album, they're even keeping their travel subtle: trekking from church to church, recording on the fly. It's a manner somewhat unbecoming for one of the biggest rock acts in the world and its mega-famous producer, but according to the post, everyone seems to be enjoying the whole "under-the-radar" shtick.

"We've been traveling light — an acoustic guitar, a couple of mics, a laptop and some headphones. We're recording in Barcelona, moving from church to church, setting up where we can: in front of the altar, under the pulpit," the post continues. "We've been playing at the feet of archangels. It's an odd scene: a host of saints look down impassively upon four unkempt bandmembers, circled around a single mic stand, singing loudly together as recorded guitars reverberate around the church. They're laying down backing vocals. Brian often joins them: group singing is one of his greatest joys."

Funny, we always pegged Eno for more of a song-and-dance man. Anyway, earlier posts on Coldplay's site also indicate that Eno's longtime collaborator Markus Dravs is also along for the ride, and that the band has been working on 25 "pieces" of music for the new album. But there's still no release date or title, and Capitol had no additional information about the project when contacted by MTV News.