Paris Hilton Talks About Jail Before Turning Herself In: 'I'm Obviously A Little Scared'

Celeb opens up to SuChin Pak on MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Paris Hilton smiled and hugged MTV News' SuChin Pak on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet, where the most famous party girl in the U.S. made a surprise appearance Sunday night (June 3), hours before she reported to Los Angeles County Jail for a 23-day sentence stemming from a probation violation.

Hilton told Pak that she's "doing OK, I'm obviously a little scared right now." Speaking in a poised, calm manner, Hilton explained that she hopes her jail time will inspire other young people to think about their actions and make good decisions. "These last couple of weeks have been a lot of time for self-reflection on my life and realizing what's important."

[Ed. Note: For more on Paris Hilton going to jail a day and a half early, read "Paris Hilton Turns Herself In To Authorities."]

However, it was a far different scene inside Universal City, California's Gibson Amphitheatre, where host Sarah Silverman opened up the show with a few jokes at Hilton's expense, acting as though she wasn't aware the heiress was indeed in the house.

In one of the most awkward moments in MTV Movie Awards history, five minutes into her monologue, Silverman said, "In a couple of days, Paris Hilton is going to jail," a factual statement that was greeted with cheers. The camera cut to Hilton, who looked a little concerned, but composed. Silverman continued her bit, implying that Hilton would receive special treatment despite the judge's promise that her time in prison will be frills-free.

"I heard to make her feel more comfortable in prison the guards are going to paint the bars to look like p----es. ... I'm just worried she's going to break her teeth on those things," Silverman said.

Hilton twitched uncomfortably in her seat and forced a smile as the crowd twittered and laughed. Jack Nicholson, who was seated near Hilton, took a swig from his water bottle, and for a few fleeting seconds, Hilton became an object of true sympathy. Just before the uncomfortable remarks, Silverman took a few jabs at Lindsay Lohan, but the comic could at least be certain that that embattled star who's also had some troubles behind the wheel wasn't in attendance (see "Lindsay Lohan Checks Into Rehab: Report").

Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence last September and was issued probation, which she violated several times by driving with a suspended license. The 26-year-old socialite reported to the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California, on Monday — a day and a half before she was set to turn herself in.

Hilton told Pak she's been lying low and not going out as much lately, but came to the Movie Awards as a last hurrah. "I love the Movie Awards," she said before the show began. "It's fun. I wanted to do something nice before I went off."

[This story was originally published at 9:33 p.m. E.T. on 06.03.2007.]