R. Kelly And Usher Get Played By The 'Same Girl'

Song, from Kelly's Double Up, hit Internet late Wednesday; album also features Kanye, Luda, Rick Ross.

R. Kelly and Usher have both been called the King of R&B. Now it turns out they have more in common than just that: The same woman has been calling them her lover.

The singers' first duet, "Same Girl," hit the Internet Wednesday night. On the track, Kells and Ush find out they've been played. The record is in the form of a conversation between the two, during which the stars discover the truth and ultimately conspire to call the lady out on her lies.

Kelly starts off describing his fictitious girlfriend, who he is madly in love with and wants to marry. She lives in Atlanta, drives a black Durango and has a tattoo on her ankle. Usher then interjects, giving his own set of details about the woman: She works for TBS, has a child and went to Georgia Tech University. A stunned Pied Piper confirms everything, to Usher's dismay.

"So man, you telling me you know her?" Kelly asks.

"Do I know her? Like a pastor knows his Word," Usher responds.

In the song, it turns out Usher met the woman at a party in Atlanta, while Kelly met her at a party in Chicago.

"I even got some pictures on my phone," Usher later sings.

"Looka there, there she is with some boy-shorts on," R. responds.

According to his label, Jive Records, "Same Girl" will appear on Kelly's May 29 LP, Double Up (see "New R. Kelly LP Includes Akon, Jeezy, 'Flirt' — But No 'Closet' Till July"). The Pied Piper has already put out a video for the first single, the remix to "I'm a Flirt." Another record, "Blow It Up," featuring Young Jeezy and Young Dro, recently hit the Net as well. On Wednesday, Kelly previewed the title track from the album on MTV's "Sucker Free," telling host Cipha Sounds he recorded "30 more" chapters of "Trapped in the Closet." Out of the 30, he shot videos for 20.

Elsewhere on the album, Kanye West guest stars on "Hook it Up," Ludacris checks in on "Rock Star" and Rick Ross is featured on "Put Some Money On It" (along with other guests: see "New R. Kelly LP Includes Akon, Jeezy, 'Flirt' — But No 'Closet' Till July" and "R. Kelly Heading Back To 'Closet'; Ready To Tee Up New Album"). The R. released a statement Friday morning (May 4) reaffirming that the album will be largely hip-hop.

"To me, rap and R&B are like two hands holding one another," Kelly said. "Double Up is about 70 percent hip-hop, but that being said, I'm always going to make songs for the ladies."

And on May 15, Kelly issues digitally "Rise Up," which was inspired by the Virginia Tech tragedy and written as a song of "encouragement in memory of the victims and in condolence to their families," according to a statement released by Jive. All proceeds will go to Virginia Tech's Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund.