Avril Lavigne Helps Outcast Fan Tackle Personal Demons In Comic Book

Singer collaborated on 'Make 5 Wishes,' a two-volume manga series.

Avril Lavigne already has the market cornered on unique spellings of the phrase "skater boy," raccoon-eye makeup and album titles with the word "damn" in them. Now she's looking to get her own little piece of the manga market too.

Lavigne just inked a deal with Del Rey Manga, an imprint of Random House publishing, to release "Make 5 Wishes," a two-volume, Japanese-style comic-book series on which she collaborated.

(See the singer get animated in these images from the comic book.)

The series follows Hana, an unpopular girl who "just doesn't fit in" at school and is tormented by her parents. Alone in her bedroom, she spends hours online, creating "various cool, smart, sexy and popular alter egos" and daydreaming about spending time with her idol, Avril Lavigne (but of course!). One night, while exploring the nether regions of the Web, Hana comes across a mysterious Web site called Make5Wishes.com, and discovers — gasp — she cannot click away. Before she knows it, she's ordered a package from the site that's guaranteed to make her dreams come true.

But just what will that package contain? Well, we're not entirely sure ... but according to a plot summary sent to MTV News by Del Rey, there will be demons involved — and Avril too. The singer, who appears in full big-eyed glory throughout the series, helps Hana "find the courage to conquer her own personal demons once and for all."

Fans can learn more about the series when the first volume of "Make 5 Wishes" hits shelves April 10. Lavigne's third album, The Best Damn Thing, is due the following week (see "Avril Lavigne, Deryck Whibley Dish Details On 'Fun, Young, Bratty' LP").

The second volume of "5 Wishes" will follow in June. The series is written by Joshua Dysart — who penned the cult series "Violent Messiahs" for Image Comics — and features art from Camilla D'Errico.