Glassjaw Reunion Hopes Aren't Shattered: Band Opening For Deftones

Band lays out 13-date trek; albums by Glassjaw, Head Automatica due in 2007.

For a couple of years now, Daryl Palumbo has been running his yap about the imminent revivification of his old band Glassjaw. He's professed that yes, there's fresh material on the horizon, and the band will be touring again real soon in support of those new songs.

But beyond a few one-off reunion gigs here and there, Glassjaw have remained as dormant as they've been since 2004 — well, publicly at least. There hasn't really been much more than just talk, talk, talk of the future, and the directive to be patient.

But now, with the Long Island, New York, hardcore innovators set to open for Deftones at Nashville's City Hall on Thursday (December 14), it seems there's an end in sight for the longtime fans who have been waiting for their resurrection since Palumbo initiated such talk back in 2005.

Glassjaw's F---ing Tour will include a total of 13 stops — on four of them, they'll warm up crowds for Chino Moreno's Deftones. The bands toured together in 2000, soon after the release of Glassjaw's debut LP, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence. Glassjaw have lined up gigs in Chicago, Detroit, New York and Philadelphia, and will cap 2006 off in New Haven, Connecticut, at Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta's Stillborn Fest on New Year's Eve. Hatebreed will headline the night's festivities, with the Distance, Bateman, Dead by Wednesday, Signs of Hope and Crowns of Kings in supporting roles.

"The band is totally reinvigorated," Palumbo said enthusiastically. "And why not? We did it. We've been writing, we've been rehearsing every day, and we've got some new s--- together. So why not? I can't wait to get back out there, because Glassjaw's me. It's my personality. It's a huge part of me — being that angry and playing those songs and being in that mood. I need it, I need it — absolutely need it."

The frontman said Glassjaw have been writing material for many months, even while Palumbo has been occupied with his other band, Head Automatica (see "Head Automatica's Midas Touch Won't Shatter Glassjaw"). And they've completed three tracks — "You Think You're John F---ing Lennon," "Jesus Glue" and "Natural Born Farmer" — they plan to record as soon as Head Automatica's forthcoming, yet-untitled EP is in the bag. Palumbo said the Head will hit the studio in January to record six songs (one called "Continental Divide") for the effort, which will also feature "many interludes in between — it's going to be like a large piece with no breaks from front to back, and I'd like to put almost an LP's worth of material on the EP."

Palumbo added that the latest Head Automatica material is "a lot darker and a lot more discordant" than the band's previous two releases: 2004's Decadence and 2006's Popaganda (see "Daryl Palumbo Spreads Head Automatica Popaganda"). But, the more ominous tone to the songs has nothing to do with Glassjaw's revival, Palumbo said.

"It's the opposite," he explained. "While Glassjaw hadn't been doing much for a bit, I'd gone ahead and started writing a lot more cryptic, darker stuff for Head Automatica, without even having been inspired by Glassjaw to do that. It's just where I think the Head Automatica sound's going to go, and I think the Glassjaw sound will probably be going in a more brutal direction too."

Palumbo said both bands will self-produce their upcoming opuses and that he'd like to release both in 2007.

"With Glassjaw, it's been about 13 years in the making, and I think that we'll get that product out of us that we've wanted all these years," he said. "For this particular band, at this particular point in our career, to get the four of us in a room — I think some beautiful sh--'s gonna happen. But it's going to take a little while. We still have to finish the writing and the recording, and I have lots to do with Head Automatica in the next year. It's going to be a balancing act for me, so it's going to take a minute. Both records will happen at the right pace, but I would like to have them both out next year. That would make me so f---ing happy."