Tyrese Stands Alone At The Top: Fantasy Football Week Five Recap

Uncle Luke, Block Entertainment hurt scores by starting players with bye weeks.

We're starting to separate the contenders from the pretenders, and one man stands alone with the best record in the league — Tyrese Gibson.

You gotta give Tyrese props for four wins and only one loss. Meanwhile, Block Entertainment, who once looked like they could be the fantasy equivalent of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins, now only have the second-best record overall, tied with Cool & Dre and Paul Wall (all 3-2).

(See how it all went down! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video, only on Overdrive.)

Joc and Block still have the best record in their Gridiron Gangstas division, with one more win than everyone else. Over in the Crunchtime Zone Firing Squad division, Uncle Luke's bringing up the rear with four losses, but he's only three games behind the leader, Tyrese.

Let's take a look at how our players fared this past weekend:

Liz Hernandez (74) vs. Uncle Luke (47)
Jake Delhomme, Carolina (10 points) QB Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville (13 points)
Steven Jackson, St. Louis (11 points) RB Edgerrin James, Arizona (11 points)
Chester Taylor, Minnesota (15 points) RB Warrick Dunn, Atlanta (bye, 0 points)
Terrell Owens, Dallas (4 points) WR Chad Johnson, Cincinnati (bye, 0 points)
Randy Moss, Oakland (11 points) WR Antonio Bryant, San Francisco (2 points)
Chris Cooley, Washington (4 points) TE Desmond Clark, Chicago (1 point)
San Diego Chargers (11 points) D/ST Chicago Bears (12 points)
John Kasay, Carolina (8 points) K Ryan Longwell, Minnesota (8 points)

Everyone's favorite uncle (sorry Fester) is freefalling with no bungee cord. That's three losses in a row, and now Luke has sole possession of the league's worst record. The stake through his heart this week was starting two players who had byes, Warrick Dunn and Chad Johnson. Even with the fumble on his rosters, he still could have had a fighting chance if he would have started the Jaguars defense/ special teams, who had 22 points. Meanwhile, the lovely Liz is holding her own. This is her first win since week one, but she's still in the race for the best record, believe it or not. Hernandez had a very balanced attack this week, but she may want to start looking into a trade. She has an abundance of running backs (Deuce McAllister, Chester Taylor, Rudi Johnson and Steven Jackson), but her two main wide receivers (Terrell Owens and Randy Moss) have been shaky at best this year.

Joc/Block Entertainment (47) vs. Cool & Dre (53)
Drew Brees, New Orleans (10 points) QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis (12 points)
LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego (6 points) RB Ronnie Brown, Miami (9 points)
Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia (14 points) RB Ahman Green, Green Bay (0 points)
Anquan Boldin, Arizona (13 points) WR Steve Smith, Carolina (6 points)
Joe Horn, New Orleans (4 points) WR Donald Driver, Green Bay (2 points)
Alge Crumpler, Atlanta (bye, 0 points) TE Dallas Clark, Indianapolis (1 point)
Seattle Seahawks (bye, 0 points) D/ST Carolina Panthers (15 points)
Adam Vinatieri, Indianpolis (0 points) K David Akers, Philadelphia (8 points)

Uh-oh! Joc and Block Entertainment have dropped two straight and put up a mere 47 points. We'll get to them in a minute — let's start with Cool & Dre. Their team was pitiful this week. Eli Manning is proving to be more like his brother and Cool & Dre's prized pick Peyton this year. Their wide receiving starters, Steve Smith and Ahman Green, are a little more than dead weight at this point. But as poorly as the Miami Sound Machine's team did in week five, Block Entertainment were worse. Could the league's titans be falling off? Well, not really. They just need to pay closer attention. If they would have actually started the Eagles defense/ special teams and WR Plaxico Burress, they would be tied for the league's best record right now. They started the Seattle Seahawks and tight end Alge Crumpler, who both had byes.

Method Man (55) vs. Paul Wall (70)
Carson Palmer, Cincinnati (bye, 0 points) QB Drew Bledsoe, Dallas (10 points)
Jamal Lewis, Baltimore (4 points) RB Corey Dillon, New England (4 points)
Dominic Rhodes, Indianapolis (10 points) RB Fred Taylor, Jacksonville (20 points)
Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis (8 points) WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona (7 points)
Chris Chambers, Miami (3 points) WR Roy Williams, Detroit (0 points)
Todd Heap, Baltimore (2 points) TE Antonio Gates, San Diego (11 points)
New Orleans Saints (9 points) D/ST Indianapolis Colts (5 points)
Robbie Gould, Chicago (19 points) K Josh Scobee, Jacksonville (13 points)

Could there be such a thing as the feel-good story of the year in fantasy football? It wasn't looking too good for the Houston grill server earlier in the year, but Wall has turned things around. He's hotter than his hometown in August, and he's tied for the overall second-best record. He got nothing from wide receiver Roy Williams, but Fred Taylor ran all over the Jets in real life for 111 yards and a TD. Put your calculators away: That's the equivalent of 20 points. Meth had his hands tied this week. He had one quarterback who had a bye (Carson Palmer) and one that might as well have had one (the benched Kurt Warner). His running back, Jamal Lewis, looks like his glory days are way past him, and his top pick, Shaun Alexander, is still injured. Ouch! Good luck the next couple of weeks.

Lil Wayne (44) vs. Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson (83)
Daunte Culpepper, Miami (0 points) QB Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia (28 points)
Larry Johnson, Kansas City (19 points) RB Tiki Barber, New York (13 points)
Reggie Bush, New Orleans (8 points) RB Thomas Jones, Chicago (11 points)
Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis (8 points) WR Torry Holt, St. Louis (10 points)
Muhsin Muhammad, Chicago (1 point) WR Matt Jones, Jacksonville (0 points)
Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City (2 points) TE L.J. Smith, Philadelphia (6 points)
Atlanta Falcons (bye, 0 points) D/ST New England Patriots (10 points)
John Carney, New Orleans (6 points) K Olindo Mare, Miami (5 points)

Some laughed at Black Ty when he chose Donovan McNabb on fantasy draft day, but hold up, wait a minute! McNabb is a strong contender for MVP right now (28 points this week, people). He can't be stopped. He beat T.O.'s team on Sunday, and he's putting up 300 yards per game on the regular. His leading the league in TD passes hasn't hurt 'Rese this year either. If Tiki Barber can keep his supreme running game going, Tyrese is going to be hard to beat. Weezy is going to have to get used to not starting Daunte Culpepper. He's been dripping with wack juice all year and he's been benched in real life. Luckily he has Rex Grossman (you haven't heard that too many times over the years, have you?) on his bench. The Gross Man is steady this year, averaging a little more than 16 points a game. Hopefully Marvin Harrison will start to break out as Peyton plays to his potential in the coming weeks.

Standings: Gridiron Gangstas
Team Wins Losses Points For Points Against
Joc/Block Entertainment 3 2 408 362
Lil Wayne 2 3 380 441
Liz Hernandez 2 3 372 357
Method Man 2 3 333 374

Standings: Crunchtime Zone Firing Squad
Team Wins Losses Points For Points Against
Tyrese "Black Ty" Gibson 4 1 402 340
Cool & Dre 3 2 350 305
Paul Wall 3 2 338 322
Uncle Luke 1 4 322 390

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