No Five-Year Hiatus For Coldplay — But They Are Taking A Break

Capitol Records spokesperson dispels online rumors of band's demise to MTV News.

It looks like reports of Coldplay's demise — to parenthood, of all things — may be greatly exaggerated.

That's according to a spokesperson for Capitol Records, who on Monday (October 2) spoke with MTV News to dispel reports of Coldplay's "five-year hiatus" to concentrate on their families.

"The band is enjoying a much-deserved break, which I think everybody already knows," Ambrosia Healy wrote in an e-mail to MTV News. "No, there isn't a self-imposed 'five-year hiatus.' "

Healy's e-mail was in response to reports on various news sites and Coldplay message boards early Monday. The reports came just two weeks after Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman welcomed his first daughter, Nico, which made him the third member of the band to become a father (drummer Will Champion and his wife had their first child in April, and frontman Chris Martin has two children with actress Gwyneth Paltrow).

The new baby — coupled with the fact that Coldplay have no touring or recording plans on the horizon — had fans wondering if they'd have to wait until 2011 to hear the follow-up to the band's triple-platinum X&Y.

While those fears are unfounded, Healy made it clear that fans shouldn't be looking for a new album in the immediate future, either.

"There isn't a timetable for them recording the follow-up to X&Y," Healy continued. "They're enjoying not having a plan at the moment. Isn't that what a break is all about?"