Kate Hudson Relates To Dupree — She Ignores Dirty Dishes, Walks Around Naked

Matt Dillon, Owen Wilson had big crushes on actress while filming 'You, Me and Dupree.'

SANTA MONICA, California — Kate Hudson is cover-girl gorgeous, has an infectious laugh, loves to play poker and enjoys cleaning up after her man. It's no surprise, then, that Matt Dillon and Owen Wilson developed huge crushes on her during the filming of July 14's uninvited-guest comedy "You, Me and Dupree." We caught up with the radiant Oscar nominee recently to discuss her co-stars' blush-inducing affection; Hudson's love for her mom, Goldie Hawn; and one last quality that could also win over a few men: her tendency to walk around in the nude.

MTV: Kate, you've said in the past that you don't like watching your own performances. Did you have to peek between your fingers at "You, Me and Dupree"?

Kate Hudson: It's really difficult to enjoy the movies I make. Like the first time I see them, I get cold and I shake and I sweat. But I had a great time! I didn't even know what to expect. We shot so much footage, I didn't even think about the stuff that wasn't in it ... I just had a great time watching the movie.

MTV: It definitely has the "40-Year-Old Virgin" or "Wedding Crashers" quality of being stuffed with so many jokes, you'll miss some because you're still laughing at the one before it.

Hudson: I know, I love that. I had that with the dinner sequence! I couldn't stop laughing at the dinner when it goes into that dream thing. I was just bowled over laughing. ... That scene got me.

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MTV: Explain the dream sequence, for those who haven't seen the film yet.

Hudson: Well, there's such a buildup to that scene, because Owen's character, Dupree, comes and moves into our house and everything sort of goes awry. Matt's character, who's my husband, is having a really horrible time at work, and my father is his boss. Basically, what ends up happening is Owen and I form a relationship, and at the dinner [we see] Matt's mind as it gets away from him. He goes into this daydream sequence of us on this boat. I'm in a tiny little bathing suit, with my hair done up ... and Lance Armstrong's there.

MTV: And Lance is sitting in a chair watching you seduce Owen.

Hudson: [She laughs.] Lance is sitting right behind me, and I'm sitting up on this thing with Owen, and I had to straddle Owen. So all Lance saw was my butt! That was it. That was all he saw.

MTV: Did you ever think you'd someday film a seduction scene as an Olympic cyclist stared at you and rubbed ...

Hudson: ... a thing of butter? [She laughs.] I know, that sounds so horrible! But no, I never thought I'd be there.

MTV: It must have felt like you were making some celebrity porno video that could be leaked on the Internet.

Hudson: Yeah, right! [She laughs.] "Anybody seen the tape with Kate, Owen and Lance Armstrong?" [She laughs.] Um, yeah.

MTV: I'm sure you have lots of world-traveling friends, and your husband [Black Crowes' singer Chris Robinson] must have musicians on tour crashing in your house all the time. So do you have a freeloading Dupree in real life?

Hudson: I have a few Duprees. One is English, so it's a little different. It's a little more, I would say, nasty. But see, my thing is, I'm a little different than my character in the movie, because I always like having these people crashing at my house. I'm OK with waking up and stepping over musicians, or people, Tombstone pizza crusts everywhere. I'll just kind of tiptoe through and pick it up and then go to work. I actually like an active, crazy house.

MTV: So basically, you're the dream wife?

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Hudson: If that's the way you want to put it. I'm sure some men like a woman who is a little more meticulous and well-put-together, but that's not me.

MTV: If one of your fans were to let you crash on their couch, what Dupree-esque qualities might they be appalled by?

Hudson: Similar to Dupree, it would probably have something to do with nudity. [She laughs.] Well, I don't know if they'd be so upset with that. I am female. I've never been one to be too shy with that.

MTV: Really?

Hudson: I also have a really bad habit of not taking my plates to the sink. I'm OK with walking past food, you know? I'm a little lazy when it comes to taking my plate.

MTV: Well as long as you were nude at the time, guys probably wouldn't mind.

Hudson: [She laughs.] Maybe not.

MTV: Owen has admitted that both he and Matt Dillon had crushes on you during the filming of the movie. How does that make you feel?

Hudson: That's so cute! I don't know, I'm flattered, I guess. We all had a really good time. We had a lot of fun. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I grew up with all boys, so I'm kind of comfortable with boys. I enjoy working with boys a lot, and I feel totally comfortable with that. I'm totally ready to play poker at any time, and if they want to kick a soccer ball around, I'm ready.

MTV: It's easy to see how one of your co-stars could fall in love.

Hudson: That's great. Now I'm blushing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm half-naked for half this movie. [She laughs.] It could have something to do with me being in my underwear for a lot of this movie.

MTV: That's true, but some of those scenes were shot from the neck down. Tell us the truth: Was there ever a butt double?

Hudson: [She fakes indignation.] For me? No! I don't need a butt double. It's all me. I'll stick with my own body, thank you.

MTV: I think the fans appreciate that.

Hudson: I've always been very open with my body in films, even if it's "Skeleton Key" when I was 30 pounds overweight. I have no qualms about being open with my body. I mean, it's part of what I do, so I'm OK with it. [She laughs.] As long as it's not exploitative — like me riding Matt with my top off! I mean, that will probably not happen.

MTV: When we last spoke, you had said you were hoping to launch your producing career. Any movement with that yet?

Hudson: I'm actually going to be producing a movie that I'm going to do this fall, which I'm really excited about but I can't talk about, because it's not closed yet. But it will be the first movie that I've produced, and I'm really excited.

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MTV: And this isn't the previously announced romantic comedy "Can You Keep a Secret?" or the magician drama "Sleight of Mind"?

Hudson: No, those are still all in development. "Sleight of Mind" is one that looks like it's getting close to being made next year, but this fall I'm doing the first movie that I'm producing. It's quirky, it's small, it's not going to be a big-studio picture. But it's special, and I'm excited about it.

MTV: So, you'll be producing and starring in this mystery movie?

Hudson: Yeah. And we have some wonderful people in it, so I'm really excited.

MTV: Last question: Who is your greatest teacher in life, and why?

Hudson: Oh, great. [She laughs.] Well, I hate to always go back to her, but I'd say my first teacher, who continues to always be my teacher, is my mom. That's the woman that I've learned the most from, and who I look up to, who has conducted her life in a way that I can look up to.

MTV: I think a lot of people look up to her.

Hudson: And then, I must also say Hyacinth Young! She was a high school teacher of mine, my voice teacher and debate teacher and my English teacher for two years through high school. That was a very rare thing in my high school to have a teacher that much, but she was really the first person to introduce me to my love of literature. Still, to this day, I think about her all the time. She's a fantastic woman.

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