Nick Cannon's Mohawk Is For Soccer — 'Not Doing The Diddy'

Rapper/actor finds new talent in Izzy, searching for video wife.

Nick Cannon's new Mohawk is for his next movie role. No, he isn't emulating Mr. T or even Diddy running a marathon. Nope, he's playing fútbol in "Goal! 2."

"Not doing the Diddy," Cannon said of his new 'do. "Shouts to Diddy because he did make the Mohawk thing cool. But I'm doing a movie with David Beckham in Spain, and I play a young soccer player who's real flashy. So that's where the Mohawk came in."

Cannon said he actually had to learn how to play soccer for the part.

"I'm still in soccer training," he said. "I got a couple of weeks to do a few scenes. It's crazy because I'm playing soccer with David Beckham and all the greats, and I never played soccer a day in my life. I had to pick it up, but we rocking with it."

Cannon acknowledged that soccer can be one of the roughest sports, but he won't be getting real dirt on his shirt.

"I'm acting," he said. "When they get rough, it's like, 'Cut!' Then they bring in the guy who kinda looks like me from the back, and they get to roughin' him up."

This summer, Cannon will also appear in the animated film "Monster House."

"It's something for the youngsters out there," he said. "The movie is weird. It's about a house that eats people. This whole community is getting ate up by this house. It's hilarious. Then we did a serious independent film called 'Weapons.' It's something people never seen me do. It's some real grimy, deep, emotional stuff."

Cannon also recently completed the drama "Bobby" with what he calls the most amazing cast he's ever heard of, let alone worked with.

"Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, Elijah Wood, Helen Hunt, William H. Macy," he listed. "It's a tale about Robert Kennedy's assassination and how it affected them in their day. Emilio Estevez wrote it and directed it. I play a campaign manager fresh out of college. I've got a chip on my shoulder because, two [months] before Kennedy's assassination, Martin Luther King was assassinated as well."

Nick is keeping fans tuned in to his MTV show "Wild 'N Out" by playfully punking celebrity guests like Kelly Rowland, and later this year he'll put out his second LP, Stages. The record was supposed to come out last year on Jive, but Cannon has switched labels to Universal Motown, which houses his imprint, Can I Ball Records ("Nick Cannon Keeps Cookin' With Five Movies, New Label, LP").

"I came up with that [name] a while ago," he said. "I had Can I Ball Productions. I look up to the cats like Jay-Z and Will Smith. I look up to them, and I always used to say, 'Can I ball?' when I was around them."

The first single off Changes is "Dime Piece," which features 18-year-old rapper Izzy, whom Nick discovered in Washington, D.C., while on the Scream Tour. Izzy introduced himself to Cannon by challenging him to a rap battle.

"To me he's the greatest man alive besides me and my father," Izzy said of Cannon.

"Thanks, youngster," Nick laughed.

"I'm just excited to be in his presence," Izzy added. "It's like a kid in the candy store."

In the video for "Dime Piece," Cannon, who just purchased the clothing line PNB Nation, is on the look out for his perfect 10, and in real life, he's actually holding an official dime-piece search.

"We're looking for the flyest chick in the city," he described of his venture. "She wins a Boost Mobile cell phone with my phone number already in it. She gets to be a 'Wild N' Out' girl. And the top girl [overall] gets to play my wife in the next video.

"I'm a Method actor," he added. "So if you get to be my wife, you might get pregnant."

Stages is due this summer.