'American Idol' Recap: Ace Is Out Of Time, Katharine Can't Be Stopped

Simon says Katharine's a star and even had a good word for Ace — but was it enough?

April 18 - Theme: The American Songbook

Surprise performance: The biggest shocker Tuesday was that with seven still standing, there were no weak links. Even Simon Cowell liked everyone, Ace Young included. If we had to name one surprise it would be Chris Daughtry, who needed to show some diversity and did just that with his understated but solid rendition of "What a Wonderful World."

Fashion hits and misses: It was a terrific week for music and a terrific week for style. Katharine McPhee has come around with another stunning look and Chris is starting to reinvent himself as often as Paris Bennett. The only miss was Ace, not for the classy suit, but the ponytail that said "high school jock" almost as clearly as his sleeveless T-shirts had in previous weeks. And then there was the Paula Abdul cleavage we have come to know so well.

Judging the judges: Seems Randy Jackson and Simon made the Paula mistake of forgetting that someone has to go. From their reactions, only Elliott Yamin is at risk, although Simon's "I'm concerned for you" probably helped him more than anything. Paula interrupted Simon too much ... but did we mention her cleavage?

Best audience sign: "Ryan, Will You Be Our Brother?" Perhaps the creepiest sign ever.

Who will go: Headline writers everywhere are drooling: "Ace Doesn't Ace 'Idol'." "Ace In The Hole." "Ace Is Dealt A Return To His Full House." He was decent, but it wasn't enough.

Who needs to step it up: Elliott needs a miracle next week, not because he can't sing — he just doesn't have as strong a fanbase as the others. And Taylor Hicks is losing his grip as his competitors improve and he does the same old thing.

Who is the one to beat: Simon said it best: Katharine makes the others look like amateurs. And once Kellie Pickler's aw-shucks innocence ("I butchered it") wears off, all those votes will go to McPhee.

You told us:

I think Katharine is still as boring as ever. She just didn't impress me as much. Taylor was great. Elliott didn't deserve the lack-of-personality jab. Ace was just plain creepy (as usual). Paris was really good. Chris may have diversified, but he didn't perform as well as the others. And Kellie was pathetic.

Chris, 42

Brewster, NY

Katharine is not an "American Idol" winner. If she does take it, the show sucks. Taylor or Chris have to be the winner, and that's it!

Azucena, 25

Mexico City, Mexico

There was a weak link Tuesday night, and she's called Kellie Pickler. Even she said she sucked.

Lauren, 27

New York, NY

I am all for a rocker winning this season, so my vote goes to Chris or Taylor. Ace may not be the greatest in the group, but he has heart. I hope people aren't voting for Kellie just because her father is in prison. Is this show about our lives' problems or finding talented singers?

Lucky, 38

Westminster, CO

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