Pink Wants KFC's Alleged Animal Cruelty To Kick The Bucket

She joins Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell in campaign against fast-food chain.

While off on her neofeminist crusade, Pink hasn't forgotten her furry and feathered friends.

She's joined another animal-rights cause — the ever-growing list of musicians speaking out against KFC's alleged cruelty to animals. The singer posted a petition drive called Kick the Bucket on her Web site to encourage fans to urge the fast-food chain to improve quality of life for birds raised and killed for KFC's food supply.

"We're simply asking KFC to modernize its methods," Pink said, "and stop boiling birds alive in the defeathering tank and pumping them so full of growth drugs that they cripple under their own weight."

The petition, organized on behalf of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also claims that KFC's chickens suffer because of other cruel breeding practices. The treatment has been addressed by other musicians, including the Black Eyed Peas, Pharrell Williams, Chrissie Hynde and Paul McCartney, who've all contributed to the Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign either by writing letters or starring in a series of anti-KFC ads and billboards.

KFC continues to dispute PETA's claims. "PETA has disparaged our brand and misrepresented the truth about our responsible industry-leading animal-welfare standards," KFC spokesperson Bonnie Warschauer said. "KFC is committed to the humane treatment of chickens."

The fast-food chain's Web site addresses the concern in a section called "Animal Welfare Program." While asserting that KFC does not own or operate any poultry or processing plants, KFC's policy states that its suppliers "must not use hormones or steroids for any purpose, including to promote growth in their chickens." The site also states that KFC's parent company has formed an Animal Welfare Advisory Council to develop guidelines and audit programs for its suppliers.

Nevertheless, Pink's not convinced, having seen evidence to the contrary in a PETA exposé online — and it's not a cause she's about to stop promoting anytime soon. "Every book report I did in school was on cruelty to animals," she said. "I write lots of angry letters for PETA. I believe in everything they do."

Over the years, Pink's fired off letters to Vogue asking the magazine to stop promoting fur in its pages; to Britain's Prince William asking him to stop hunting; and to Las Vegas illusionists Siegfried & Roy asking them to allow their elephant to retire to a sanctuary (see "Pink Asks Vogue To Shed Fur From Its Pages," "Pink Chides Prince William For Hunting, Asks Him To Call Her" and "Pink Urges Siegfried & Roy To Let Elephant Pack Its Trunk").

Now she's putting her letter-writing to use once again, organizing a new campaign: a mobile vet service that will spay and neuter as many stray dogs and cats as it finds.

"It breaks my heart," she said. "I want to take them all home, but I can't. I'd have 350,000 dogs if I did."

So instead, the singer's writing to the presidents of Mexico, Costa Rica, Romania and other countries, asking them to match her for funding. "I'm writing these passionate, fiery letters with my fingers crossed," Pink said. "It's just scratching the surface, but it makes a huge difference. And I understand there's so much going on in the world, where do you start? For me, it's doggies and cats."