Jennifer Lopez Drives LL Cool J To Lose His Cool

They collaborate on LL's new single, 'Control Myself.'

If there's one woman who can make LL Cool J lose his cool, Jennifer Lopez is it. And she manages to do just that on "Control Myself," the first single from his forthcoming album Todd Smith.

"It was a lot of fun," LL said about his second collaboration with J. Lo. The two previously hooked up for the duet "All I Have," in 2002. "Me and J. Lo work really well together. People like the last song we did, it was a big song and did really well. But this one is a little more club and a little more cool. Hype Williams just shot the video and J. Lo is dancing in the video. It's wild. I feel real good about that, it's real different for both of us."

Jermaine Dupri produced the record, which has both a throwback beat and flow. Uncle L's delivery sounds like something straight out of "Going Back to Cali."

"I'm battling desire," he said about a woman he meets in the club who seduces him onto the dance floor. "Lord help me douse this fire/ This internal inferno, hotter than a shot of Cuervo."

On the chorus, Lopez tells L that it's hard for her not to jump on him right then and there. She also tells him he has what it takes to make her leave her man. Cool J responds by telling her she has what it takes to bring out his bad-boy side.

The man born James Todd Smith says we're going to see more sides to him on his album, due March 21. LL titled it Todd Smith because, he said, "I was so open, opening up so much more on every level. Why not open up and let people know it's a peek inside of me and my process and my life? I think the [album] accomplishes that."

Juelz Santana, Freeway, Pharrell Williams, 112 and Ginuwine appear on the LP, as does Mary J. Blige via "Favorite Flavor," where the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul compares LL to such sweets as "caramel" and "lemon drops with chocolate kisses."

"All I wanna do is show you, boy, that I taste good too," MJB sings while L raps, "Mix me and you/ And we can't go wrong."

Lyfe Jennings sings the chorus on "Freeze." That record is about a man who can't settle down and knows the woman that he might potentially marry is leaving him.

"Don't change, don't go, don't leave, just freeze," Jennings croons. "I know it's a lot to ask."

"I tried to put together something that would be a little more inclusive and open and interesting to people," Cool described of his album. "I approached the writing a little differently. It was more collaborative as far as the writing, in terms of the song selection and ideas."

The rapper has a new film, "Last Holiday" co-starring Queen Latifah, hitting theaters this week. The Queen plays a woman who learns she has only three weeks to live and Cool J's character is her love interest (see "LL Cool J And Queen Latifah Finally Hook Up — In 'Last Holiday' ").