DMX Called 'Violation Waiting To Happen' By Judge, Gets Seven More Days In Jail

Rapper currently serving 70-day sentence for parole violation.

DMX has been called a lot of things in his career: X, Dark Man, Dark Man X. But "a violation waiting to happen?" That's what a Bronx judge dubbed the rapper on Tuesday when he hit him with a seven-day sentence after X pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license in the Bronx last April.

X (born Earl Simmons), 34, is currently serving a 70-day sentence for parole violation, stemming from a guilty plea last year to reckless endangerment and driving under the influence. He was given the extra week for a separate incident in which his SUV struck a car that then smashed into a police car (see "DMX Arrested After Triggering Three-Car Collision In New York "). According to a report by The Associated Press, Criminal Court Judge George Villegas rejected the rapper's plea for probation, saying "I'm not going to put him on probation because he's a violation waiting to happen."

Though he was also fined $500 by judge Villegas — who joked that his kids are such big DMX fans that they're "not talking to me anymore" — X will be allowed to serve the seven days as part of his current jail stint.

DMX was given the 70-day sentence on November 18 after pleading guilty in October to violating the conditions of his release following a June 2004 incident at Kennedy Airport in New York, where he allegedly claimed to be a federal agent and ran his SUV through a parking-lot gate (see "DMX Sentenced To 70 Days Behind Bars"). He originally faced 60 days, but the judge tacked on an extra 10 because the rapper showed up late to court the day before sentencing.