Marques Houston Keeps Taking Off Clothes, This Time For 'Sex'

Singer stripping again for second Naked video.

If we've learned anything about Marques Houston, it's that he likes to take his clothes off. And when he does have to cover up, it's usually in something see-through, like the infamous clear tux he wore at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.

So it should come as no surprise that the video for his latest single, "Sex Wit You," will make your grandmother blush ... again.

"Well, I'm not all the way naked, but I'm a little bit naked," said Houston, whose previous video, "Naked," lived up to its name (see "Marques Houston Pulls A Hulk Hogan, Strips Down For 'Naked' "). "I couldn't do the same thing twice, but it's another edgy title, so I gotta deal with that again."

Although he's just getting to the third single from his second album, also called Naked, Houston is already thinking about his next LP. He plans to hit the studio during the winter break from his UPN show, "Cuts."

"[The next LP is] not gonna come out for a while, but I just wanna start it because it takes me like a year and a half to really get a great album that I like," Houston said.

Also on the singer's plate is a new horror movie he just finished shooting with Omarion (see "Omarion, Marques Team Up With 'Served' Director For More Films"). Called "Somebody Help Me" — not "The House," as previously reported — the flick's slated to hit theaters in mid-2006 and will christen the Franchise Boys production company he shares with O.

"We love to be a team, we work great together with our business and acting," Houston said. "We have great chemistry on and off the court — that's what we like to call it. So why not start our own movie business?"